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Posted on Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 at 3:08pm CST by 8dea82f6

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We purchased our home on 10/01/04 (26-Months ago) for $175,000.

One of the builder's selling points was the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, which he said would cover our complete home for 10-years.

At the end of the 2-year, the 2-10 company sent a letter urging me to extend my appliance and equipment coverage which was expiring.

I was read that appliances and equipment are only covered for 2-years, but the structure is covered for 10-years.

Today, 11/29/06 my wife noticed the sheetrock over the bathtub upstairs was sagging down about 5-inches.

I immediately blocked it up to prevent further damage and went into the attic for a look.

There was no leakage or spills of any type and nothing was touching the sheetrock from the top.

I called 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to files a claim. The courteous lady explained the process as follows:

I am to turn in the claim and the insurance company will send an estimator/adjuster to my home.

"When he/she arrives I am supposed to pay them $250 for their time and travel to estimate my damages".

I questioned the lady carefully to make sure I understood what she told me. My description above is exactly what she said.

I expressed my disapproval and outrage at this attempted rip-off. She indicated she didn't see how this was a rip-off at all, so

I asked her "If your brand new car had a problem and you took it to the dealership for warranty repair, would you expect the mechanic to charge you $250 just to examine your car?" She said the mechanic's $250 charge would not be fair, but still couldn't see the similarity.

Obviously these people are not only shysters, but they hire STUPID people. I guess smart ones wouldn't stay with them too long.


Charlie Blackwell..................

PS: Monday, 11/27/06 I had received an invoice and offer to extend my warranty on the appliances and equipment for 1-year, for $348.00.

The Good Lord must have been watching over me, because I had already written a check to accept the offer, but hadn't mailed it yet.

Boy, that was a close one!

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dcb1e00f, 2009-01-22, 12:48PM CST

This is my recent experience with 2-10 Home Warranty:

To whom...concern,

After (your company) failing to provide me with a competent contractor in an emergency situation on no less than 2 attempts in 2 days, I had to go with a contractor that I knew would get the job done. I had to leave the 3rd day and I had the responsibility to keep my family warm during the Winter months. Now I try to be reimbursed for my inconvenience, and all I get is customer "no-service" and the status-quo run around - not to mention an ignorant "cubicle" person and her "avoidance" supervisor.

If you do not take care of this situation, certainly it will cost you much more than my $523.45 invoice. I am an engineer and building inspector in the Orlando area and "word" gets around. And please, don't give me your "boilerplate" "I must get prior approval...", you failed this requirement with the 2 out-of-business/inept contractors you had me contact.


Benjamin L. Cost,MA,SBCCI,CIPE


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