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On the November 24, I placed the online order for 2 products. Fortunately I did print the order confirmation and kept it. The order number is XXXXXX2192.

On my confirmation printout.

The item 596912, price @ $36.98.

The item 620206, price @ $29.98.

Subtotal: $66.96.

Coupons: $-17.00

Tax: $ 2.50

Delivery: $ 0.00

Total: $52.46

On November 27, I got an e-mail reminding me about my order/delivery status. So I thought I checked it out. To my unpleasant surprise, the total amount is $152.61.

I could see the price differences right away, on item 596912 was priced at 59.98. The other item was worse, at 99.98.

So I called the customer service thinking, may be they can help me sort thing out.

I was put on hold several times, apparently Staples has messed up my order due to the product I want was out of stock from the first warehouse, so Staples cancel my original order and put in another one at another warehouse, BUT with a (huge) different prices.

I tried to tell the customer service what my order confirmation page printed from your website said, and what I saw when I checked again on your website was totally different.

She told me, I would see total of 4 transactions posted on my credit card. 2 debits (45.88, 106.73) and 2 credits(-74.73, -6.41) which was never explained to me how they came about, so I added them all up. It came down to 71.47.

Now someone please explained me how 71.47 is equal to 52.46. The answer I was given was tax different. Staples told me that the tax amount I saw online is just an estimated tax. Oh really, the actual tax is $21.50 (71.47-52.46 + the original tax 2.50)? I don’t think so. But they managed to say that it’s normal. They just did the same thing to another customer.

Guess what, I am not that customer, I am very unhappy with your service. So I did go ahead and cancel the order. Because I believe that I should not have to pay higher no matter what.

On top of this ordeal, I checked my account with staples, I clicked on my order link and I couldn’t believe what I saw (9 more transactions posted for 11/26 and 11/27). I never order anything because this is my first time doing business with Staples. So I was a little panic, so I asked the customer service again, he said he didn’t see anything but my one (cancelled) order. I hope what he said is true. I just don’t know what to believe on your site anymore. is not working correctly and your customer service is not helpful. At least, you never help make thing right.

Order confirmation page is apparently useless and I have to tell all my friends and families including folks at work to be careful when doing business with Staples, better yet don’t do it.

2006-11-28, 12:50:54

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