Home Depot - Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 at 12:38pm CST by ddf7996e

Company: Home Depot - Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Category: Other

I went to Home Depot last Saturday (November 25). It

was crowded with holiday shoppers. When I went to pay

there only three cash registers open. This is not the

first time that this happens. I left the merchandise

in an isle and went to other store.

The funny thing is that I have written to the CEO of

Home Depot and is still the same. My guess is that

they want to save money by having a few cashiers, even

if it causes aggravation on their customers.



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1a92742a, 2010-09-09, 07:21PM CDT

this is very thrut , the service at home depot in puerto rico is very bad, i was a customer of home depot in usa , but the thrut is if i can help to not shop at home depot i will do it ...

037b5ac8, 2012-06-19, 01:11PM CDT

mi comentario es sobre una cuenta que abri para el mes de abril 2012 y no e recivido ni la tarjeta ni cobro alguno por lo que devo y cuando llamo para informacion lo que me sale es la maquina y no me deja hablar con un representante, me pide numero de cuenta que no tengo y mi direccion de correo es Avelino Oyola

PO Box 9439

Arecibo, P.R. 00613-9439

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