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Category: Other 1256 Upsala Road

Upsala Executive Centre Sanford FL 32771-6668

COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63841# Customer services: 407-302-3905 Fax: 407-302-4518

I purchased remanufactured ink cartridges from this company. They indicated that items were in stock and I could expect three day delivery. After five days I contacted them and was told the item were on backorder and “someone should have notified me. They promised delivery a week later. The time transpired and when I called to follow up, they “were sorry that the items still hadn’t been delivered to them, but would be received by them in two days. When I asked to cancel the order I was told I would receive credit in a week to ten days. Only after reminding them that I could have my credit card company reverse the payment immediately, was I assured that I would receive credit this afternoon.

I suggest that this company be avoided. Their slightly better price “comeon” wasted my time and has forced me to go to a retail source for a short term solution.

Bob Isard


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