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Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 at 8:15pm CST by b9964fb2

Company: Carls Jr.

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This complaint is regarding Carl Jrs. marketing campaign. When are they going to severe their relationship with their advertising agency? Their commercials are impacting negatively a lot of consumers. Every time I see someone bite into a hamburger, I change the channel. It's disgusting. I haven't been to a Carls Jr. in years.

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54d281f3, 2012-06-17, 10:26PM CDT

dear people i went to eat to a carl jrs i ask for a fresh hamburger they serve me a hamburger i finish pay the hamburge was waiting to be serve if i ask for a fresh hamburger i spect them to cook it in the moment the hamburger was black all around i told the cashier i wan a fresh burger he told me they make them in the moment when i conplein to him he told me it was just maid i told him that i did work in carl jrs before he told me whay you dont go make it your self and the lady who brougth me the hamburger it was laughing in my face i call the manager i told him i will contact the corporation he said no this is not a corporation is hown by diferent person if it only family working in that place or friens that they dont take good care of the customers on the wall is a unit #1101351994 addres of the place is 8800 polk st dallas tx 75232 recived said restaurant 494 it hapen 6/17/2012 cashier dein w if you like a copy of my recived i can email you acopy by the way when i said i did work in carl jrs it is truth in los angeles californi close to the airport my asistent manager name was rafael like in 1984 or 85 them i hown my hown busenes so please i dont want this people to treat people like nothing just becouse i look hispanic please every one need some respect has a customer i hope you people do something about it becouse i will never go back to that place they serve how they wan it not like customer wan it who is goin to eat it them or the customers if i pay for something i spect to be good fresh not 30 or 1 aur cook thank you i hope this make them a better service in the future

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