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Posted on Monday, November 27th, 2006 at 9:38pm CST by a8e016d0

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I am student of the MBA in Technology Management at the University of Phoenix Online.

I have completed 12 of 15 courses successfully. The courses are done online at and students are supposed to attend class, participate, and complete assignments by the end of each week. Late assignments are rejected or lose 1 grade point, so timely access to the online classroom is key.

Everything was going well until the University of Phoenix changed its online system to a new web based system called OLS. The system fails every 5 days and when it works it takes 20 times longer than the previous system.

The University promises an adequate online learning environment for busy professionals but is not delivering what is being promised and what I paid for. This is unfortunate because the quality of the professors and academic curriculum are great, except that students cannot access the online class forum due to technical difficulties the University system has.

This is not a one-student isolated case, all my classmates experience the same connection problems. The University is aware of the problem and posts messages in its Web site "System Status" page to all students saying that there are problems with the system access. Technical Support is not able to handle the volume of complaints and there is no one live to talk to. Academic counselors are available but they do not provide any solution.

Before the OLS system, I would recommend the University of Phoenix online to anyone but now I would not recommend the online system offered by the University of Phoenix. I plan to pursue a Doctorate degree next year and I will definitely take my business elsewhere. If things do not improve I may have to suspend my studies until their system is reliable.

I hope the University of Phoenix Online can get its act together and online classes become reliable as they used to be.



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6d7e40ac, 2008-02-28, 03:25PM CST

2008 and I am currently a student online in the Masters of Psychology program. I have been here for 12 classes and I have never had a connection problem. I started 1/2007. So whatever the issue were you encountered are no longer occuring and I dont' have any classmates who have these concerns either.

13bd69cb, 2008-12-18, 10:31AM CST

I am a MBA/PA Student with the UoP and have 1.5 classes to finish. This problem still exists and is the most frustrating item in the whole degree program. You have to plan for the problems. Every Monday night assignments are due, that is the night that I take my break. I work a few days ahead and have my assignments turned in NLT Sunday afternoon. I have raised the issue several times and no one will answer my concerns. The UoP is trying to run a professional online university on a low budget platform. They need to spend some money upgrading this platform instead of building a stadium for the AZ Cardinals to play! They have a student referral program that I refuse to participate in until they fix this problem!

9d245a6d, 2009-07-07, 09:34AM CDT

I regret to hear you had a bad experience. The University of Phoenix has an office dedicated to hearing student complaints and doing their best to resolve them. If you would like the Office of Dispute Management to look into your issue, please contact us through any of the methods below:

Mailing address:

Office of Dispute Management

University of Phoenix

4615 E Elwood Street

Mail Stop: AA-S401

Phoenix, AZ 85040

Email address:

[email protected]






Libby Bailey, University Relations Administrator

On behalf of University of Phoenix - Office of Dispute Management

4615 E. Elwood Street ? AA-S401 | Phoenix, AZ 85040

phone: 602-557-5566| fax: 480-557-2275 | email: [email protected]

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Joe U., 2014-02-11, 02:58AM CST

Hello, as a human resources director of a large corporation, I never hire anyone with a degree from the University of Phoenix. Anyone with a job application with the University of Phoenix listed as an institution from which they have a degree, their application is immediately shredded. Anyone can get a degree from UoP without learning anything. People who cannot get a degree from any other institution end up at the University of Phoenix, and according to the Department of Education, only 15% of those people graduate. There are many better real colleges with professors, with a campus that has world-class online classes and degrees like Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado or Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, just to name a couple. Too enroll at UoP will be a big mistake for anyone.


9a717a28, 2015-03-08, 07:38PM CDT

Joe U., please identify who you are and what organization you represent. Your post was quite unprofessional and does not parallel my experience with University of Phoenix graduates. Are you actually a human resources director, or just a disgruntled ex-student from the University of Phoenix who could not meet the academic standards? In fact, I believe University of Phoenix graduates are better prepared for their careers than many of their "brick and mortar" school counterparts. I am a hiring manager with a large security firm, and do not share your view of University of Phoenix graduates.

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