Hefty Cinch Sak Large Trash Bags 30 gal

Posted on Saturday, November 25th, 2006 at 11:40am CST by ad98f820

Company: Hefty Cinch Sak Large Trash Bags 30 gal

Category: Other

My name is Doris J. Ware, 613 9th Terrace, Pleasant Grove, AL


I recently purchase a 35 count box of Drawstring, Trash Bags

which every one of them had one side of the top where the draw

string is that did not get glued to the bag itself. When you try

to pull the draw string, it pulls out and one side of the bags does

not close.

I have used duck tape to tape the fold down side which was not glued

to the bag. Also, I noticed the cutout for the yellow drawstring

to be pulled to tie is jaggered in its cut by the machine.

Please see if you can get this fixed as I like the Hefty Cinch Sak

best for my garbage, packaging, and all uses.


Doris J. Ware


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