Posted on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006 at 6:55pm CST by c31b22ad

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Starbucks Coffee Corporate

Starbucks Rockaway, NJ and Starbucks Corporate Monopoly.

After sending my recalled Barista Aroma coffee maker via the supplied UPS box and heading to the nearest Starbucks store in Rockaway, NJ at the Dick's sporting goods strip mall with a coupon (only redeemable at Starbucks) to purchase a similar De'Longhi coffee maker (Mind you it's the day before Thanksgiving). I was told they are out of stock to head to another store about 15 miles away (Denville, NJ) that they have "Boatloads" of them. Myself and my 2 young children fight rush hour traffic to get to this other Starbucks to find they don't have any either, calls to stores are useless, customer service cannot do anything, forwarded to the warranty department to find out if I purchase a similar coffee maker from another source Starbucks will not reimburse the $20-30 difference. I was told "I'm sorry but Starbucks will not pay the difference" . Sounds an awful lot like bait and switch, they get you in the store needing a replacement immediately and wind up buying their more expensive one they happen to have plenty of. Frustrated is not the word. Good luck finding anything about this recall on the wersite or otherwise.

Thanks for listening

Bill A.

Jefferson Twp, NJ


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