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Posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 at 10:02pm CST by 0b868c2a

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I too bank at US Bank, but not for much longer.

I to do not have alot of money in my account, but what I do have has been eaten away by US Bank, with fraudulent charges. Yes I have all the bank statements to prove it.

Forget, about going into the office and talking to anyone, the supposed Branch Manager in Sacraento, cant even read the Computer Screen.

The straw that broke the camel's back per say, was putting a stop payment on a check. Easy right, not with US Bank.

The "New Manager" at the bank, ask me for the number of the check the date of the check, and who the check was to, all of which I gave her with no hesitation. Then she asked for the amount, and since it was for my auto loan, I told her, I usually round it up to 335, but I think this time I made it out for 334.86.. Now I have NEVER heard of a bank going by the amount to stop payment on a check but that is the sorry excuse US Bank gave.

By the end of the year, my account with US Bank will be closed.. and Im not paying extra charges for them to close it.

Their 2nd Chance banking, is such a scam. They have created more havoc with my account then I ever dreamed of, or even knew I could do.

They charge overdrafts for credit charges that havent gone thru on your account, because "you technically could be over drawn if the money camein" talk about counting your chicken before they hatch.. please...

I am so sorry I ever got invovled with them. I always thought Bank of America was the big crook, but US Bank has them beaten hands down.


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