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Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2006 at 6:33pm CST by 8b6c205b

Company: rental car reservation services

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Name: Chuehshu Chiu

Mailing Address: 149 concord St. San Francisco, CA94112

Phone #: 415-359-8773

E-mail Address: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62105#

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Phone: 1888-8373774

Itinerary Number: 38083060101

Cancellation #: 9575480

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I went to around 3A.M. Pacific time in November 20,2006 to search for my rental cars, and I found out they had the “name your own price” function. Thus, I named my own price $50 per day for the “Minivan” from 11/22/2006 to 11/26/2006, and I won the bid. But, I found out my winning bid for the rental car is “Economic” not “Minivan”, and the reservation is not allowed to be cancelled or refunded. I called their customer service to understand what is going on, and the response was pretty disappointed to me. I asked them “why my winning bid is not minivan instead of the economic, and the customer service representative told me” he didn’t know and it may be because the rental car company I made the reservation did not have the minivan”. I don’t know what kind of answer is that. Then I asked him “how can I cancel my reservation, and his response was “you have to pay one-day rent to cancel the reservation”. I was a little pissed, and I told him “this is not my fault and the “name your own price” system had something wrong. The argument seemed to be unsolved and I still needed to pay one-day rent for “I Do Nothing”. It is impossible for me to name my own price $50 for the economic car per day when I can find $30 for the economic car. My feeling is that they try to cheat on people and steal people’s money. As a consumer, I have to pay for money on their mistaking online system. That is unbelievable.


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