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Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2006 at 5:21pm CST by 0d882348

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Lenz Auto 536 S Seymour St. Fond Du Lac, WI 54935-4720

I purchased a truck from this dealership and had a horrible experience. I made a "handshake" deal on a truck and then the salesperson said that his "manager" would not allow the sale. They insisted on additional funds. A classic used car salesman's trick. All the salespeople I dealt with were dishonest and untrustworthy; constantly shifting prices and guarantees.

I was assured that the truck was thoroughly mechanically inspected. When I took the truck to my mechanic, he said that the dealership had made what he called "shoddy, cover-up" repairs. While I wanted my mechanic to fix the problems, the dealership insisted on doing so. After Lenz Auto completed the repairs, I took it back to my mechanic who still found problems.

This dealership has a large presence on-line and a vast selection. But buyers should do all their research before going to the dealership. If possible, buyers should avoid this dealership.

S. A. Smith


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b22a391b, 2008-01-01, 09:50PM CST

I found this site before I went to Lenz Auto (they call themselves Lenz Truck Center). I wanted to see for myself how they dealt with their customers. I bought a vehicle out of factory warranty and was impressed on what the dealership did before they even put it on their lot. They were easy to deal with and gave me fair numbers on my trade. I like the fact that you deal with one person from start to finish and you don't get moved from office to office like some dealerships. I would come back again and thought I should write in. I hope this helps the next person thinking about buying from Lenz.

c413fafc, 2009-01-12, 05:36PM CST

I have also experienced the disreputable business practices of Lenz Auto. I traveled there to look at a car I saw on their website that I was interested in. When I first arrived, none of the salespeople I saw appeared busy, yet I had to wait about 10 minutes before someone came out of their office to assist me.

I took the car I was interested in for a test drive. Upon returning, I discussed the price with Bill and the amount I would get for my trade in. He told me he couldn't give me an exact amount until he talked to his broker. I gave him my phone number to call me once he did talk to his broker (which he said he would do the next day). Three days later, I had not heard from him, so I called him back. Bill told me to call him back in 20 minutes since he had not talked to the broker yet. I called back 20 minutes later, and he was no longer there! And, he has failed to call me back and it is now several days later.

I no longer have any interest in doing business with Lenz due to this experience, as well as reading all these negative reviews online since I got bad vibes. I am thankful I did not put any money down!

6d866c74, 2009-08-23, 03:03PM CDT

The years go by and they are not ANY BETTER. Purchased a truck from them and found out ALL roters were rusted completely through after putting 5K miles on it.

They said that if the truck could stop straight, it would then pass inspection. Yet they were dumb enough to tell me how much pad life I had left (which means they pulled the wheels and saw the rotors rusting through).

They aren't willing to fix their lies.

They completely suck ... avoid them.

1787415b, 2010-03-09, 01:54PM CST

We have just put a down payment on a truck sight unseen except for around 26 internet photo's. The agent, Nick, did a very fast approval on the loan which we were grateful for. We live nine hours away, so he faxed the carfax report and the contract to us for our signatures. The vehicle is suppossed to be in excellent shape. So thought I would get on here and put in my story as it unfolds so all can see what takes place. We put a $500 deposit down over the phone and signed the contract to purchase with all of the correct figures in place and faxed back. So far we have been treated excellent and will go to view our Sport Trac and drive for the first time this weekend 03-13-10. We are anxious to write the rest of our review after this weekend!

843379ad, 2010-09-07, 02:51PM CDT

I agree, please be careful in dealing wiht Lenz Auto. I purchased a car there in the summer of 2009. My husband and I noticed that there were a warning light on and we brought it up to the sales person and they said that were going to get it taken care of before we picked up the vehicle. On the day we were to take the car home, the light was still on and the sales person assured us that the problem was taken care of. Well the next day, we took the car for emissions and it didn't passed...it needed O2 Oxygen Sensors...$500.00 & since was had this vehicle there has been numerous other problems (engine light on, anti-freeze light, etc...) In about a years, we spent about $2000 getting repairs done on this car. Please don't buy a car from this place. They are a rip off!!!!

34294eb0, 2010-10-14, 02:18PM CDT

Well i live right next to lenz and i will tell you first hand i meet see and hear 10 angry people leave lenzes lot for every one happy person and i beleive they are crooked i see trucks come in and hit the lot within houre that is not a good inspection looks like u are one of 10 people happy congrats

John S., 2013-03-28, 03:01PM CDT

I love Lenz Truck.....My wife and I have bought two vehicles here and have been treated excellent every time. I know they do a great job on their inspections because if you ask they will actually show you the work they performed in their shop. I can't understand how anyone could say a bad thing about Lenz....they are very well known for being upfront and honest with anyone I have ever met or talked to. I would go back there again when I am ready for my next truck.

Tyler, 2013-09-23, 12:01PM CDT

These guys are crooks with an emphasis on Brad. Took advantage of the situation by making my put money down to order parts for the install of a lift (which i would expect to do) but after giving me a quote the lift cost $2,500 more than quoted and they expected me to eat that amount because of there poor estimate. Of course I gave in due to having money put down but he just kept going. He gave me half of what he quoted me for my trade and didnt even top the fuel off. This place is a joke avoid these scammers. Brad you are a crook and a lier and I have email correspondence that caught you and you still wouldnt agree that you lied.

SO, yes I bought this truck because I had drove 6 hours and had money down that they would not refund. People like this will be at the bottom of the barrel and I will laugh when Brad looses everything, because where I came from, what goes around comes around. And if you read these posts before me like I wish I had I would never have done it again. Buyers listen to others with first hand experience.

7243b0a4, 2015-09-22, 02:04PM CDT

EXPECT TO BE IMPRESSED!?? Those are the words you use in all your ads. Big words to fulfill and I am sorry but my wife and I were anything but IMPRESSED.

When I was getting ready to sign the contract for the sale I stopped and thought I better take one last glance at it. Good thing I did. When the numbers were all plugged in the salesman added an extra thousand dollars to the sales price. Now I am not saying he did it purposely but again that?s kind of a big mistake to make.

After my wife and I signed the contract and we were walking over to the finance office to finish the financing side of things I mentioned to Salesman that the truck had less than a quarter tank of gas and I was wondering if I could have it filled before I left. He said No we don?t do that. So I had to stop at the gas station next door to get enough gas to drive home. Really, you would think with the kind of money people spend buying vehicles the least they could do is fill the tank. Its the little things that impress people.

When all was said and done I get the keys from Salesman and he only hands me one set. I asked if there was a second set and he said no but I could go have a key made and buy a fob from eBay. Again I feel this would have been an easy fix it enhance a buyers experience before they even sold the vehicle.


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