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I had a terrible shopping experience at Kohls.

Last Wednesday, November 15, I walked into Kohls with my 13 month old in my arms. I did not take the stroller out of the car because it takes time to set it up and it was cold and it was starting to rain. I used the shopping cart with the seat for my child, which is supposed to be for my convenience. I needed to look for some jeans and did not know what size I was or what type would fit me best. I found a couple pairs to try on. I was on my way into the dressing room with my child in the shopping cart. I was stopped by an employee who informed me that I could not take the shopping cart into the dressing room. The dressing rooms doors are very high off the ground, so taking my child in with me was not an option. I didn’t need to crawl around dressing rooms after her. Walking back to my car with my child in the pouring down rain to get my stroller was not an option. So what is a mother to do in this store? I let the employee know that I understood and that she was welcome to check my cart and my bags before and afterwards if it was a concern, but that I had no other way of trying the clothes on. She informed me that it was store policy and that if she let me do it, then she’d have to let everyone else do it as well. I then told her I would have to leave the store, because I had no other option.

Finding the time to shop with only one of my children is a rare window, so I desperately asked her if I could leave the cart in the entrance and go three feet away to the wheelchair accessible room. I explained that my daughter could see my feet as I would talk to her, and I would be quick and try on two pairs of jeans. The employee rolled her eyes and said to me, “Well, I’m not supposed to… but….okay,” making me feel terrible that I was inconveniencing her in any way or asking her to do something that would make her get in big trouble.

Frustration number 1

I was quick, and one of the jeans worked. What I should have done is noted what pair of Levi jeans that I liked best and left the store, not giving Kohls the power of my purchase. But, like I said before, I rarely get the opportunity as this to find something I need.

I was then ready to check out. Two ladies in front of me didn’t seem like such an incredibly long line. The lady directly ahead of me decided to open a credit card account on her turn. I was turned around playing with my 13 month old so she would be able to wait patiently with me and not cause a scene. Fifteen minutes later, and I am very accurate in this timing- I am still in line. Not knowing when the sales clerk and the customer would be done, thinking it would be any minute, I stayed in my line. Another cashier opened an additional line. Instead of seeing my situation and coming to my aid, neither the new clerk, nor the one I was in line for, mentioned anything so I could get in her line. The “new line” clerk called to some other gentleman walking around that there was another line open.

After an additional five minutes, my daughter (and I) could not take it any longer. I switched lines and waiting in another line.

I am frustrated because I feel that in that particular situation, when the store front is filled with waiting customers to check out, that opening a credit card should be done in customer service…OR the sales clerk where I was waiting in line….should have mentioned to me that an account was being opened, it would take a few minutes, and I might want to find another line, OR even had the decency to comment to the clerk opening the register right beside her that I had been waiting for over ten minutes!

Frustration number two

Near your registers in the front of the store Kohls has a display and boasts about how Kohl’s cares about kids. I didn’t see any indication of this when I had my child with me.

If I ever shop at this store again, I sure hope that they have addressed some of these issues of customer service.


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aa6caee2, 2007-12-19, 02:25AM CST

I am an actual employee of Kohl's and have worked for them for about a year and a half now. I've been moved around a lot - from Mens Department, to Cashier (POS), and now move between POS and Customer Service on a daily basis.

The guidelines that Kohl's puts forth do allow you to bring carts into the dressing rooms. I'm sure the reason the associate was cumbersome about that was because she was worried about theft. Regardless, the associate overreacted and did not follow our "Yes We Can" policy.

Second, The policy for lines is if there are more than two people in a line, they need to call for backup from the floor. Working as a cashier I can tell you that if it's been a busy day, it's really hard to keep track of exactly what position people are in line. You see so many different people everyday that it becomes almost second nature. Maybe the other cashier didn't see you in line. I've made this mistake before and I know it's unfair, but usually we don't find out until the person that was rightfully in line informs us. If it's that big of a deal, you should have told us you were in line first.

I'm really sorry you had a bad experience. I can assure you that not all of us are like that - and they keep changing policies to ensure customer service is #1. I hope you will see us again soon sometime. Thank you for your time.

87a67381, 2009-09-18, 09:07PM CDT

I too am an employee and I need to stress to you the importance of getting a manager involved when the incident happened. Managers are trained to make the right decision for HER. ALso, as far as taking care of the two in a line, when the new cashier comes to help, they should have taken the next person standing in the line not the last because that last customer can get to the cashier first. I am sorry you had this experience, but I think that Kohls really has changed their outlook on the whole shopping experience and if you have not been there since, I think you should give it a try!!!

30df967e, 2009-10-19, 01:31PM CDT

New Item - Post.

Regarding "automated / computer phone calls"

Starting this past Sunday 10-18-09 I recieved 4 calls last one at 8;31PM. It started up Monday 10-19-09 as of this writing 3 calls so far.

Does someone think that this might be OVERKILL or a very pushy way to get someone to pay a bill ???

Now I know why more people are using cell phones or have answering machines and "screen" their calls.

In my eyes I feel this is an "electronic" form of HARRASSMENT.

I can see one call per day or every other day but not at this point 7 calls in 2 days.

Maybe I should turn this over to the BBB, FTC, and other governmental agancies

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