Posted on Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 at 5:34pm CST by 088db3cc

Company: Monitronics

Category: Other

Monitronisc: In June, 2003 I had fulfilled my contractual agreement with Monitronics monitoring service. In July, 2003 I called Monitronics and advised them that I wanted to cancel my service. The stooge that answered the phone told me that I could only cancel in the month of March and would have to do it in writing 30 days prior. I had never heard of anything so rediculous so I typed a letter to Monitronics requesting service be cancelled. For the next two months I received nothing from Monitronics but more bills. I called again, got the same answer. So I mailed the letter again followed by an e-mail and a FAX to a number I got from the previous phone conversation. As you could guess I continued to receive bills. I began throwing them in the trash as they came in. Then the threarening phone calls began. After a couple of months of calls I had to threated to file charges for Harassing Phone Calls. Bills stopped coming, calls stopped and I thought I had made my point.

In July 2006 I began getting letters from CCA, a collection agency, requesting $226.05 in behalf of Monitronics! Now I 'm stuck and faced with a negative mark on my credit. You can't reason with these people and they have you at thier mercy. So, I struck a deal with Monitronics for $158.24 to call off the dogs. I mail them a check for this amount with a letter saying how dissapointed I was with thier buisiness practice. Shortly after that I got a bill for the full balance and the agreement we made I guess was no longer valid.


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