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Verizon Fios Service- this is a nationwide service

On 11.17.2006 my husband and I had two men come out and state they were digging in our yard in preparation of delivering new FIOS internet service to us. In fact, they just started offering this to our neighborhood in the last couple of weeks. The two men dug and ruptured our main water line, we have been staying in hotels for 2 nights because they not only lied to use, stating they were going to send someone out the next day on a Saturday, 11.18.2006. When we called to ask why no one had come on 11.18.2006, we were told by two phone reps, "We don't have that kind of service, we don't do plumbing, you will have to call your own plumber." They emphatically told us that that should have never been offered to us by the DIGGERS, someone to fix the major water leak. When we asked the phone reps on 11.18.2006 via phone, what about someone reimbursing us for our hotel stays, because we have had no water all weekend, we were told, "We cannot reimburse you for your hotel stays, we will reimburse your plumbing bill that is all, maybe we could give you some promotion incentive to make up for this, but not reimburse you on your hotel bills." We are now today, on 11.19.2006 trying to get a weekend plumber to come out and get our water restored at our own expense. Verizon uses unskilled contractors to dig and lay lines, that misrepresent and leave the customer hanging. They are adamant in completing the installation of the entire project on 11.20.2006-installation of the Internet, when we don't have water, because of their incompetence.

Joseph & Pamela Jakubowski

Garland, Texas


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