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Posted on Sunday, November 19th, 2006 at 2:10pm CST by c8bf7fb2

Company: Verizon

Category: Telecommunications

I would like to file a complaint against Verizon for breach of contract and improper handling of my account.

I sent the company several letters of dispute, I sent them emails and I called the customer service but no proper action was taken.

I called to have a land line installed on July 15, 2005. I was told that the number that I was going to have was 201-451-9620. I needed that number to hook up the home security system as I was going away for 3 weeks. I was also informed that someone will come to my home to activate the line on July 17th when I was already out of town. I indicated that I didn't want my number published and I didn't want my information shared with affiliated and non-affiliated companies. I was also informed that my billing cycle would start on the 28th . I also applied for DSL but I indicated that I did not want that activated until August 17th.

When I returned on August 3rd, I found several marketing mails and an invoice from Verizon. The junk mails definitely were sent by companies to whom Verizon had given out my information. How did I know that? My name was misspelled on the Verizon invoice. Exactly the same misspelled name was on each and every new junk mail that I received. I also found out that Verizon activated a different number. Instead on the number given to me when I signed up, they activated the number 201-433-8894. Had there been a break in while I was away, my home security would be totally useless because the number which I gave to our community management company was not activated by Verizon.

On August 7th, I called Verizon office to cancel their services which I found more of an annoyance than a service to me. I also complained about the sharing of my information with other companies despite my instructions. Officialy, their services were terminated on August 7th per my instructions. I also asked to be conected to a regional manager because the customer service reps were not helpful at all. And guess what, the manager didn't call me back until three days later.That manager promised to give me credit for all charges because of the mistake that you made in activating the incorrect number. I was also informed that there will be no early termination fee because Verizon breached the contract when they activated a different number.

The inconvenience that Verizon cause me didn't stop there. Every month they've sending me invoices for the telephone line that was already disconnected AND for DSL that was NEVER ACTIVATED. I sent them mails evey month to bring to their attention the billing errors which I find ridiculous. They did not do anything about it. Last week, I received a letter from a collection agency for unpaid bills from Verizon. Verizon has the nerve to FORWARD TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY their ERRONEOUS AND RIDICULOUS INVOICES. THEY ARE SENDING ME INVOICES FOR SERVICES WHICH I CANCELLED 4 MONTHS AGO AND FOR ANOTHER SERVICE WHICH WAS NEVER ACTIVATED? TODAY I RECEIVED ANOTHER INVOICE FROM VERIZON SHOWING A MONTHLY FEE FOR TELEPHONE SERVICE AND FOR EARLT TERMINATION. I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF LOGIC VERIZON HAS THAT A MONTHLY FEE AND TERMINATION FEE WOULD SHOW UP IN ONE BILL.

I summary, I do not owe Verizon anything. I hope you can make this company stop sending me invoices for services which never existed. I also would like this company clear my record with the collection agency.

Thank you for your attention


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f245b7e6, 2008-08-01, 01:23PM CDT

Purchased a new Blackberry 8830 Worldphone 4.5 months ago. Phone has diligently kept in it's original leather holder and never dropped. Used only 2- times daily. It is pristine. It also has stopped voice prompts with bluetooth. Five different sets have been tried by re-pairing each one and deleting each, resetting digits and rebooting phone. Nothing works. Yes, I do have eight years of electronic education and understand computers, and virtually everything else technical including multi-million dollar medical imaging computers that I use, that most people will only get to see on discovery channel or read about. I think I can master a simple Blackberry. I was offered a replacement by mail with a REFURBISHED one; or spend more money a new one at the Verizon store. Replacing this phone after a mere 4 months? With a REFURBISHED one? What if I told you that your pacemaker that we surgically implanted needs to be replaced (by the way, surgically - again - of course)after four months and we are going to use one that we removed from a dead guy, but we cleaned it up and we will place that in you chest. And we will still bill the usual $45-65,000.00 (Subtotal, including tests and hospitalization). Sounds a little unethical, huh. My three friends; who also own Verizon Blackberry worldphones; and also have PhD's; and incidently have ALSO had problems with their Blackberry worldphone AGREE. ANd I'm sure your reply is: "well that's different". Is it? We are paying for a phone that is at the top of the food chain (as as far as Verizon phone choices go), and more expensive PDA monthly services. We expect the software to work; and we expect to recieve a like-replacement before a year of ownership. So, next time one of you come to see me to fix your heart, I'll make sure we use USED catheters to trace into your heart's vessels, and we'll make sure none of our software is reliable and ALL THE OTHER AMAZING EQUIPMENT used to save your life during the procedures is either kinda working or not. Good plan, huh? You want the really scary part? People actually rely on your phones to get a hold of people like me, to come in as a team of professionals to save people like you. Give that one to your phone engineers. Hopefully we'll see one of them...or maybe not, huh?

cff5d268, 2008-08-29, 01:14PM CDT

I have also the compalaint against verizon.I have taken FIOS internet service on July 15 ,2008.

I took $47 plan and later my plan was changed to $57 without my knowledge.

I have called up 100 times to verizon and sent several mails , but there is no proper response.This is harrasment on the part of verizon.

f78011c5, 2008-09-06, 03:40PM CDT

I am so glad i'm not the only one having this problem. I called back in March 08 to find out how much it was going to be for internet services but i decided to go with Comcast. I never did use Verizon and now those pigs are sending me to collection for $250.00 that I didn't even know I owed them, I didnt even know I had an account with them. I also have email them, called them and no help at all. I wish this would stop somehow.

6ff6d89f, 2008-09-08, 10:30PM CDT

Hi All -

I work with a law firm that is investigating Verizon Wireless' practice of charging California consumers a flat $5 late fee and whether the practice violates California's consumer rights laws.

Customers are charged a late fee if they don not pay bills on time but according to California state law there may be some issues with charging a fixed late fee as a penalty. There may also be issues with charging all customers the same flat fee, regardless of the cost of monthly plans.

As part of the investigation, Hagens Berman wants to hear from any Verizon customer living in California who has paid at least one late fee in the past four years.

You can contact the firm at [email protected] or (206) 623-7292. More information on the investigation is on the firm's Web site,

8e54d095, 2008-09-19, 03:03PM CDT

I too just got hung up on by a Verizon representative and when I called back to speak with a supervisor I was told I would have to wait 24hrs to get a call back. Not only that when I asked for am email address on where to coplain I was told there was none.. The reps were rude, put me on hold spoke with a supervisor yet would NOT let me speak with one. Horrible, horrible treatment of their customers.. They overcharged my account and I cannot get a credit.

6fc995bb, 2008-09-23, 01:35PM CDT

My husband called Verizon to setup our Verizon FIOS TV and Wireless Internet, the CS rep when setting up the account asked my husband for our debit card# and he questioned them wanting to know why they needed that info. He was told by the CS rep it was company policy, but was assured that nothing would be taken out of our bank account, well to make a long story short, we never received any bills, and on 8/26/08 we were going to pickup something to eat and our debit card got declined. We immediately called our bank because we knew we had money in our account to cover our meal, Well to shock, Verizon had made an un-authorized debit to our bank account in the amount of $192.12 throwing our entire bank account in the negative nearly $300.00, we have been given the run around like you would not believe, we faxed and refaxed and refaxed the requested documentation to these people, we have gone thru numerous supervisors, and nearly a month later, they credited the $192.12, but we are still out the $163.00 for all the Insufficient Funds Fees they caused to incur along with my husbands payroll check that goes direct deposit into our bank account, the bank immediately zapped due to their negligence and deceptive actions. They had told us they would reimburse us all costs incurred and admitted fault in this entire matter, But here it is nearly one month later and no one is returning our phone calls, and no further action is being taken, and our bank account is still in the negative because of VERIZON> Due to my husbands payroll check being zapped by the bank, we had to take out a payday loan that we cannot really even afford. Trying to file complaints on them with the Texas Attorney Generals Office, but cannot even find an address for their corporate office in Irving, Tx. I have phone numbers but no address, and the persons that I had been speaking with now do not answer their phone when I call. Does anyone have any advice?

c4a4b511, 2008-10-06, 11:02PM CDT

I have had several problems with verizon myself. they have given me so many problems with my telephone service it was not funny. They threaten me with all kinds of fees and Charged me hundreds of dollars so I wouldn't cancel my service with them . there reps were no help what so ever. My store had so close because of the economy in RI and they told me if I close out my account in RI that they would charge me all kinds of Money if I didn't still keep the service . Even though my store was closing. what was I going to do with a phone and internet when I didn't have a store to use them in. So they charge me the early disconnection fees for them even though I had them 2 years they still charged me and gave me bad rating on my credit report. they are horrible I would never carry them for a service again. or reccommend them .

a4f91f02, 2008-10-20, 11:46AM CDT

verizon customer service???what a joke, the are trained to argue professionally and not work with their clients, I was lied to, repeatedly with no resolution to a promotion issue. In adition the fact that they did not have dsl in my area virtually forces you to pay whatever they dictate, talk about big box..BOYCOTT Verizon, sorry too many dates and coversations to notate. I would be typing for a year....

b41e11ea, 2008-11-09, 01:10PM CST

I purchased Verizon Security Anti-Virus and downloaded it on my computer. That day I had to restart the computer 3 or 4 times, so I could connect to the internet. I called Verizon Sunday night and their Tech Support told me to move the wireless router away from the computer. If worked fine the next day, but on Tuesday I came home from work to see that I did not have internet again. I called Verizon at 5:30pm and did not get off of the phone with them until 11:00pm. They kept transferring me from department to department saying that they could not help me. Once I finally received someone at 10:00pm that said he could, I was unable to connect wireless when he finished. I called Verizon back and the Tech told me that it was my laptop, but there was 2 of us in house and neither one of us could not connect. I then finally received a guy at 11:00pm who finally corrected the wireless router issue. I was transferred to their Expcare area where I was told that they could not help me, because I did subscribe. I talked to the Supervisor and he told me the same thing and I said even though it was your software that was messing up my computer, he said yes. I called on Friday to have their anti-virus software removed from my computer and when they canceled that, they ended up taking the expertcare and my protection plan away from me. I bet they will end of charging me the cancelation fee for the expertcare. The next Monday I work a page and a half letter to Verizon and have not heard nothing from them. I asked for someone to call me back, so we could talk about the issue, but no call. All of this happened a month ago. The only reason I went with Verizon is because they were cheaper than cable, but a lot more headaches.

961bcebe, 2008-11-14, 11:18AM CST

With these trying financial times I took it upon myself to downgrade my services w/Verizon. In doing so I discovered that you cant eliminate your home phone service and still keep internet and cable w/o having to set up direct bill w/Verizon to pay for your internet service. having left Comcast because of that reason and horrible customer service, I was ready to back out of Verizon altogether. They convinced me to stay on, offering me free internet service for the remainder of the year. When I received my next bill it was slightly lower but thought maybe the changes will show in my next statement (and not wanting to go through their awful 10 minute automated system to get to someone I can speak with). When I received my recent statement it was even higher than before. So after spending 45 minutes and transferred 6 times, the last person dropping the call....I became even more frustrated and still didnt have direct answers from anyone I spoke to. So after reaching a very surly representative, she advised me that it could take up to FOUR months for adjustments to go through. She did verify that its because there are several 'hands' involved when using multiple services w/them and that it does take quite a bit of time. So here I am with another large bill that it causing financial stress that I thought I solved 2 months ago. I dont have the option to go elsewhere and so I'm now stuck w/awful customer service and uncertain bill statements. They really need to work on getting their systems to run efficiently and so that every person who takes a call can see what any other person in the company can see. If I make 1 change to my account, it shouldnt take 3 people to fix it.

ff294e7c, 2009-02-28, 08:11AM CST

The Verizon business office is a screwed up mess. A year agot they showed my account almost $200.00 in arrears for almost 3 months. It took several angry phone calls and a letter to finally get it cleared up. When I got married, they couldn't even get my name write. I've been fussing about that since 2003. They still have my account in my maiden name. I started a small business last year and asked that my account be switched to a business account. I gave them my business name - everything they needed - they still don't have it write. They prommised to consolidate my bill into one - phone and internet - to insure a discount. It hasn't happened. I've been fussing about that since September of 2008. I don't know what they are doing in that business office, but clearly they are not doing their jobs.

26e34a9a, 2009-07-29, 04:06PM CDT

I came to look in the internet where to file a complaint against verizon but my advice is to file with the Federal Trade Commission, Consumers affairs, better business bureal. I believe the FTC protects the consumers and companies sometimes get big fines.

5f638ff9, 2010-12-27, 05:34PM CST

Obviously I am not alone with my dissatisfaction with Verizon.

I just discovered that my bill is larger due to false information provided to me by a Verizon salesperson. All customers who do receive employee discounts BEWARE that the unlimited plans do NOT qualify for those discounts regardless of what you are told when you enter the contract.

Hidden fees are easy enough to get upset with, but then removing employee discounts from "certain plans" without you being told, is just plain out FALSE Advertisement and that alone should null and void any contract.

Where are the agencies that regulate these companies? Maybe the fact that federal and state service charges that these agencies are getting from each customer make these types of practices continue. If the average person is paying approximately $12.00 a month in surcharges and fees, there should be some protection.

Fed UP with paying more for services than I agreed to pay for, Fed UP with excuses and apologies without correction of the problem; Fed UP with lack of regulation and accountability of cell phone providers.

588402fd, 2012-01-03, 01:59PM CST

I would like to share my experience with Verizon Customer Service, specifically elevating the issue to the management level. I experienced situation where the customer service rep did not have a full access to the account history. When I asked to speak to the supervisor or manager, the rep refused to connect me, offering instead a call back from the supervisor within 24 hours. It has now been 13 days and no call back. I called again, got even worse runaround this time from a very uncooperative rep and another promise of a management call back within 24 hours.

I did some searching and found out Verizon has an Executive Customer Service. Their phone number is 212-321-8700. I called and someone answered the phone immediately and appeared to be interested in finding a solution. I did not get an immediate resolution of the issue, only a promise of a return phone call withing 48 hours. However, the person from the Executive Customer Service gave me his name and his direct phone number, which is very uncharacteristic for Verizon. He said to call him directly if I do not hear from anyone within 48 hours. I hope for the best and will report again in 48 hours.

d4f86c0e, 2012-08-19, 05:41PM CDT

I worked an internship within the last year at Verizon corporate headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ. I interacted with all levels of employees from IT technicians to middle and executive management responsible for the wireless enterprise and consumer side of the company's operations. The company is in a state of flux and apparently the wireless side of the company is launching a coup to take over the company which has resulted in a totally dis-functional company. The wireless personnel are not knowledgeable about the other aspects of the business and they are taking it down quickly ? intentionally or by sheer ignorance. Operations are significantly understaffed after numerous layoff's and the remaining employees are disgruntled, depressed, suspicious, lacking confidence and just waiting to hear they will be laid off. The executives are malicious, egotistical, sneaky, and seem to believe they are superior to the non-wireless side of the company. In my opinion, I don?t know how they could provide any level of support or service with the drama that is occurring there.

I am happy that I did intern at Verizon to have experienced the unethical behaviors and ignorance that can occur and how it impacts a company?s products, services and employees.

hate v., 2012-09-17, 10:56PM CDT

I bought 2 verizon phones on August 3rd they did not get my number ported over till the next afternoon at which time the other new phonelocked up and had to be took the next day to get it working again, i was told the bundle i purchased would cost around a $130.00, i was also told that i have a 14 day grace period that if for any reason i could return the phones and excessories and the only charge would be a restocking fee of $35.00 on the 7 day i recieved not 1 but 2 bills totaling over $700.00 and the next day another bill for $478.49 i took the merchandise back on the 9th day and cancelled my account, now i get calls from a verizon automated caller all times of the day and night, i;ve called verizon and get some foreign speaking guy that can't talk english ,and he's trying to tell me to pay some outrages price for the 9 days of service that was to fall under the grace period, i;ve been to the store numerous times and the clerks agree that verizon is in fault of the contract, im now searching for that special attorny that will help me sue the life out of verizon, they are nothing more than a bunch of foreigners trying to rob americas of there hard earned money, i;ve since went back to at+t and im so much happier, verizon is the scum of cell phone providers

dfc9e3e5, 2012-10-13, 12:28PM CDT

I just got hung up on by a female because I asked how to file a complaint against verizon. I was told I would need to do it online. I said my computer is not working..she suggested I go to the library and access their site.

I asked if she was kidding...honestly...She hung up.

I have contacted them numerous times in the last 3 months about the same problem.

The gentlemen I spoke with on Oct. 1st was kind and helpful...sent me out a part that they charged us for but now I'm told it wasn't the problem.

Why do we allow companies to treat us as such. They purposedly make it impossible to get through to a rep in the first place w/o being prompted to death. Then we are given the run around by many...some are honestly just trying to do their jobs...and then the 'supvrs' are trained just to dismiss us. And, when you ask about filing a charge they dismiss you. This doesn't work for me. I am prepared to break contract, go to court and select another company.

Sad reality is most companies feel they have the monopoly and they all treat us the same. We can not continually accept this. We have more power then we act like we do.

Harry D., 2013-03-10, 07:06PM CDT

i on ssi and foodstamps. so i poor, just got wifi @$25 month but now u advertise $19.95. I am on lifeline. please change. Harry 212 265 0003

Stephen S., 2013-05-18, 10:05AM CDT

I had Verizon DSL and phone service until I found out they had their India Tech support listing in on my phone calls and internet service when I called to complain they cut off my phone and internet service. I file a complaint with the FCC about Verizon and all they did was send me a letter to switch service and did not want to respond to the complaint. I now have have Comcast DSL with VIOP phone service with no problems. Tell Verizon to pound sand and switch Stephen Shirk [email protected]

205ced48, 2014-01-19, 11:25AM CST

The wireless service is 100% worse-I seen them use bully tactics to make sure they get there money, however when they screw up well doesn't matter case in point twice now they lost a payment on me and I have to get them a copy of the check there solution is to get an automatic payment. This is a solution??? Meanwhile on a different site I saw enough complaints about this people-and when this was started I recall hearing the horror stories. Lets face it Verizon doesn't care about the consumer just about there money. To get somebody's attention had to file and FCC complaint twice, the 2nd complaint is about there when somebody said to me when they forgot to mail out my bill I should know when my payment is due. Ok how does that work. Trying to talk to an attorney and see if there any options. This BS of theirs has to stop.

8de43ac9, 2014-03-06, 10:32AM CST

I want to comment on the bullying tactics and how I fell into it. I used to have the 3 packaged deal of phone, internet, and cable for $79 or whatever. I since lost my job and asked if I could cut off TV service and just keep internet and phone. Through my own fault, I signed a 2 year contract to lessen my bill down to $84.98 per month but because of unemployed and this bad weather, my gas bill is more important, I either stay and pay that or pay $160 cancellation fee. Grant it, I am at fault but Verizon has a habit of bullying you into a contract and now I have a hard time meeting my bills. I know they are a business to make money but this contract thing has got to be revised somehow. I just wanted to cut my bill down.

Deb V., 2014-07-03, 12:04AM CDT

Consumers be aware! Verizon store sales reps will tell you ANYTHING in order to sell you a phone. Bought my son a HTC, lasted all of 4 months, & only response from Verizon was that he should BUY another phone! Would have thought I learned my lesson but,since been with their service since 2000 & really hadn't incurred any real issues, a year later I fell for their "bait & switch". Told by 3 different sales reps (on 3 separate visits to the Verizon store) that I could purchase a new phone, for myself, & my service would stay the same, NO CHANGES; TOTAL LIE!! Bought the phone & then find out, by checking online, that my unlimited data now varied (max of 6); call customer service & told had to go back to store to see if they can correct. So, go to store, reps can't get their story straight & tell me my only option is to return phone so can HOPEFULLY restore service to what I had.

BAIT & SWITCH, this is illegal & why doesn't FCC have where this type of complaint can be filed! Definitely returning phone & will change providers asap!

3db0e66b, 2015-09-17, 06:01PM CDT

I had my service installed about a month ago (which was a nightmare in and of itself) at which point I requested all rooms be made FiOS ready, of course that did not happen. Apparently, the tech left my old cable company's coax cable on my wall and didn't connect anything to the FiOS service box. A month later I finally decide to get the box for my extra room, and low and behold it does not work! When I spoke with the customer service rep Michelle she informed me there would be a $160 something fee for the tech to come out. Her supervisor Mark told me the same thing at which point I requested to speak with a manager, not only did he tell me his manager does not take calls, he then proceeds to tell me he is the manager (so which is it?) Why is providing excellent customer service not your priority? You sell your services promising only the best yet fall way short of that. I shouldn't be held responsible for this fee, when the technician should've done it in the first place. I'm highly disappointed!!!

d8b6237b, 2015-10-20, 12:27PM CDT

I have Verizon Fios, and I like everyone to know how they committed fraud.... my contract agreement was running out for the 2 year contract and I told Verizon we were cancelling our subscription when it was up and I wanted to take back my equipment since we weren't happy with the cost we were paying. 183 dollars a month for a triple bundle package.

So they called us and said if we give you a contract for 2 yrs for 85 dollars a month for the triple bundle package would you continue using Verizon. I said well that depends... if equipment, taxes, everything is included in that package. She said Yes, its all included. So I repeated myself so if I say yes to this your telling me for 2 yrs during our contact it will remain the same price. She said yes, it will... Her name was Stephanie that I spoke too. She sends me a email with all the information and says how does that look to you. I said it looks good as long as everything on here remains the same. She said Yes, nothing will change for the 2 yrs... She said will you agree to that deal. I said yes, as long as it doesn't cost me one more cent for the 2 yrs. Oh it won't... SOOOOOOOOOOOO after I agree I get a email from this Stephanie saying after the first year it will go up 40 dollars... She committed fraud but telling me it would be 85. for 2 yrs then after I agree hit me for another 40 or more for the second year. So I called this morning and Spoke to Kim. B in the Missouri office and she says she said she told you this in her notes. I said why don't you listen to the recording and you won't hear he mention it will go up 40 dollars or more in the second year. I said you lied to me. You committed fraud but saying one price then changing the price in the second letter to me.

So, I said change me back to my old plan that expires in Jan. 2016. She said I can't do that. You are obligated to the new plan.




52afce6a, 2015-11-17, 09:10PM CST

Verizon has been billing me absurd prices for a land line phone. My phone used to be around $20 since I live alone and hardly use the phone, but for the past year my phone bill exceeds $90. To top it all off, I was out of my apartment for over a month and no one used the phone, but the bill is over $90. They clearly are ripping me off big time. What can I do about it. I refuse to pay this months' bill, but probably soon after my phone will be disconnected. I forgot to mention that I am a senior citizen.

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