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Posted on Sunday, November 19th, 2006 at 6:38am CST by 5947efca

Company: AA Online Moving and Storage - Beware

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We booked AA Online Moving and Storage about 5 weeks before our move. The

sales person, Keith, was very friendly and knowledgable, he made a

respectable bid for our services and seemed to be ready to work with the

difficulties of our move (moving from 3 spots in New York to Alabama). We

were scheduled for a 7:30 AM move on Monday 11/20, but at 1 PM on Saturday,

11/18 we received a call from Kevin Daniels, a supervisor at AA. He informed

us that they had miscalculated and were raising our moving expenses by

$1,000. He would not negotiate and told us we were welcome to find other

movers (knowing full well that we could not, we had to move out on the

20th). We agreed to the rate hike but informed Kevin that we would be

contacting the better business bureau and Monster.com who referred them to

us through their moving service. 10 minutes later Kevin called us back and

cancelled our move saying we were too much of a hassle and not a profitable

enough move for them. To repeat, less then 48 hours from a cross country

move for me, my wife, and our 9 month old son, AA cancelled our move because

we complained about a last second $1,000 rate increase. We have filed a

complaint with both Monster.com and the better business bureau, it turns out

we are not the first to do either of those. But, if you are looking to move

my advice is to cross this company off of your consideration list. There

contact info is:

1 Cape May Street

Harrison, NJ 07029

Phone #: 973-497-1100

Fax #: 973-497-7400


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