Sears - Problem: Sears - Kenmore Front Load Washer, the inner spin-tub broke.

Posted on Saturday, November 18th, 2006 at 11:21am CST by c1f84880

Product: Kenmore Front Load Washer,

Company: Sears

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Description: The inner spin-tub is supported with an aluminum spider mounted with the rear bearing. The spider corrodes away in about 4 years, service life is dependent mostly on chlorine use and soap content. Often this problem has been reported as a bad bearing.

Sears Solution: Sears has turned Kenmore's design defect into a money making consumer fraud scam by provided an extended 10 year warranty for the spin-tub.

How the Scam works: The Spin-Tub (part no: 131618500) is available on the Internet for $198 It takes about 40 minutes to disassemble the washer and remove the spin-tub and another 50 minutes to clean the parts and reassemble with a new tub. An experienced technician can do the repair in about half the time. The Internet version of the spin-tub has a stainless spider which will not corrode; while Sears continues to use the aluminum version until their stock is depleted.

Sears can provide the "Warranty" tub but you can not pick it up, nor have it delivered. You have to have a service technician come by for a $50 fee and inspect the washer. The technician then will quote you a price for repair, which is a minimum of $425; unless of course addition damage was caused to the seal-shell when the spin-tub broke. With damage to the seal-shell, the repair quote price is now $715. As with all cons, you will get offered the special discount at only $565. At this point the service technician is trained to offer the 1 year appliance warranty for an additional $100. Since the new spin-tub is good for another 3 to 4 years that warranty doesn't do you much good, but its a great deal for Sears. If you say no... the service technician ask you if you read the fine print and clearly informs you that "the warranty is only good if the repair is made by a certified Sear technician". I read the fine print... "no such qualification".

Consumer Fraud: Kenmore has a design defect. Sears provided an extended warranty to repair the defect at a cost, to the consumer, of $500 to $700; and if Sears is lucky, the tub will break again within the 10 warranty period. They may get the repair again but at this point the consumer will have learned a hard lesson, most likely trash the machine, and buy a new one. This action is deliberate and qualifies Sears for not just civil but also criminal action.


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8d5f8e40, 2008-03-04, 09:33AM CST

I realized I'm one of many with the same problem. Few minutes ago I finally found acceptable solution... not that expensive either. I just finished talking to Sears parts order hotline. I was surprised when lady priced me the tub kit which includes as I can see inner and outer tubs, bearings, outer tub seal, pulley and of course problematic spider. And everything comes assembled. Price... only about $160 Canadian. Part # is 134453200. I also checked price for the same item online. They're about $415.00. APWagner store told me though it's made only for Sears and it can be only purchased through Sears. I guess Frigidaire figured out the problem and decided to lower the price to avoid upset customers. I was about to purchase (online) tub 13161850 for $188.86 and seal 134146100 for $12.63 and deal with one of the noisy bearings (and scrap the washer next time something goes wrong, last year I replaced speed control unit) but now I changed the plan and I'm heading to Sears Parts Store. Also, I was informed that lifetime warranty for stainless steel tub does not apply to rusty spider.

Conclusion: If you know how to replace the tub kit by yourself you're saving about $78.00 for technician just to come to your home and tell you it won't be covered by warranty and, I don't know how much, for additional labor charges.

Applicable to: Kenmore Model # 970-C40062-00

Frigidaire Model # FTF530ES0

16038bcd, 2008-07-01, 01:26AM CDT


Ha! I hate this machine! I have had nothing but problems with this washer. The repair man had been out to my home on the average, twice a year. I have had this washer for only 6 years and it is going to the scrap yard tomorrow. This afternoon, my inner-spin tub just about went through the machine while it broke in full spin cycle! It knocked the machine sideways sending it through my wall! Boy, am I so happy! Not only do I get to replace the washer but a huge whole in my wall too! Had I known this information to begin with, I would have never bought this washer. The repair men have all been worthless. Not a single one of them ever cleans up after themselves and they only do the bare miniume for repairs. I had asked the last repair man to check the inner-tub because of the strange noise the machine had started making. He told me, "they don't do that. Call when it doesn't work." Hmm, I wonder if I can make Sears be responsible for the whole in my wall. As if they really would be! Right! Well, never again will I ever buy anything from Sears and I intend to let Consumer Reports aware of the problems with this washer. It should not be on the "best" buy list. It has cost me more money than what it was claimed to save me. Horrible Washer.

40c043ca, 2008-10-14, 03:50PM CDT

I had the same problem as the March 2008 commenter. I also have Kenmore Model #970-C40062-00 (this is a Canadian model number, not sure what US model this corresponds too).

I followed the above advice and ordered part # 134453200 from our local Sears part outlet. With tax it came to $160 Canadian. They had it in stock, so there was no delay. I followed the drum replacement instructions here: This Frigidaire document was also helpful:

It took me about two hours to take it apart and remove the drum. I needed help to get it back together (a couple of the steps really need an extra set of hands). It took about two hours to get it back together. The replacement is not complicated, though it is a fair amount of work. I am happy to report the machine is working as good as new!

One note: when I called Sears' 1-800 number to order the part, the woman indicated that she wasn't sure if I was allowed to order this part, that only a technician could. But she didn't seem to bothered by this and let me order it anyway. If the part person you speak to gives you trouble, you could just try back another time. I called the number on three different occaisons and got three different people. So you can always try again. (Or you could raise a stink ... this is their crappy machine that isn't working after all.)


Now I Have a Lot of Laundry To Do

1cb2fee1, 2009-01-31, 04:11PM CST

This is exactly what has happened to us and it is an criminal!!

9f88a57f, 2009-08-01, 01:27PM CDT

EXACTLY the same as written.

SEARS sent a guy and he wrote on the estimate "Bearing Problem".

It was a broken Spider that dissolved away.

The total was $318.00 plus tax.

The technician took three and a half hours to change it and it leaked.

The technician came back twice to repair the leaking.



3e08204d, 2009-10-22, 02:16PM CDT

Yup, and to buy new parts to fix this blatant defect, the want to charge me:

TUB $ 227.99

TUB $ 229.99

PUMP $ 111.99 (another broken part)

When I can buy a brand new LG for 699.99 and they'll take the old piece of junk with them.

6d2ceb5c, 2009-11-27, 04:16PM CST

I heard the dreaded "clunking" today and spent the afternoon trying to find the problem. I finally did. The "spider" was massively corroded and lost all three legs!

Wow - why on Earth did they put an ALUMINUM spider in there? It's obviously a stress point and it gets soaked every time a laundry is done. As well, it's a pain in the neck to access.

I already ordered the replacement part from Sears. Had I checked here first I would have looked for a stainless steel spider.

d30b84b7, 2010-01-10, 09:39AM CST

I own a Frigidaire Elite front loading washing machine and the spider assembly corroded and broke after 6 years. I called the company and there is a 10 year warranty on the inner drum which is made of stainless steel, but not the spider assembly. I told them that you cannot buy the parts seperately, they are only sold as an assembly. The drum and spider assembly are balanced at the factory that assembles them together. I asked them to send me the assembly and they did at no cost. This voided my warranty, since I was installing the assembly myself. I painted the spider assembly with an epoxy enamel paint before installing the new part to slow down the galvanic corrosion that the two different metals go through. The washing machine is back up and running well. I did spend $6.00 for thread lock tite, since I marked the spider assembly and then seperated it from the drum by removing the 6 bolts that hold it to the drum so that I could paint the spider assembly. The lock tite was then applied to the threads of the six bolts when it was reassembled.

69fead97, 2010-04-07, 09:56AM CDT

Same problem I have. My washer is 5yrs old and bangs really loud during the spin cycle. Ijust went out and purchased a LG for 699.00 (direct drive) Sears Kenmore should offer a free fix or replacement. I went into Sears and complained to the salesman and he told me washers only last 5-8 yrs. I think the gov't should get involved its the same in the auto industry if its broke and doesn't work recall it and make them fix it. It's dangerous to spin at 1200 rpm and have this spider break.

b92562f5, 2010-05-16, 07:10PM CDT

Same thing happened to mothers washing machine. In researching this "spider defect" I discovered in the UK they sell the spider as an individual replacement part. That's right's not attached to the stainless steel drum like the US companies are. Here's the UK parts web sight to prove it. I'm going to see if i can get one shipped.

I found the picture by looking at pictures after googling "frigidaire spider drum"

b92562f5, 2010-05-16, 07:17PM CDT

Same thing happened to mothers washing machine. In researching this "spider defect" I discovered in the UK they sell the spider as an individual replacement part. That's right's not attached to the stainless steel drum like the US companies are. Here's the UK parts web sight to prove it. I'm going to see if i can get one shipped.

I found the picture by looking at pictures after googling "frigidaire spider drum"

BETTER YET: google image search this: "zanussi washing machine bearing shaft spider:

Shows the individual part and the replacement bearings (instead of the whole outer tub assembly)

f2be3fe0, 2010-08-15, 04:53PM CDT

Sears is a clear rip-off. I found instructions online on how to replace the tub on my Frigidaire Front Load washing machine that utilized the same tub been used on the Kenmore machine. It took me about 50 minutes to get the tub out of the machine, I also needed to spray some W40 to get the rest of the bearing parts off from the machine and on top of that the new tub cost me $160.00USD plus $20USD standard shipping. I'm not sure I will like to stress myself with the same problem on the next 4 or 5 years. Clearly Sear doesnt want to build that part out of aluminum or any other material resistant to detergent corrosion.

3ade0095, 2010-10-22, 08:18PM CDT

Kenmore Frontload Washer 417.43042200

Clunk and thunk

Sounded drunk

Shook the house

Louder than spouse

Ripped the tub

Found the flub

Bearing to load

Designed by toad.

Tip: As soon as you get the noise, pull the unit and replace bearings. Any local steel fab shop can do with off the shelf bearings - match calibration. Check shaft for wear. Ball bearings will bind and split if tolerance not dwelled.

Agree: Manufacturer is mute to basic metalurgic reasoning. I would hedge their determined effort is market share alone. Sad. Sears used to rock.

Big picture: Buy house with enough room for top loaders. Or buy front load with direct drive.

Engineering duh: Try to hold a wet bag of laundry extended from a rod held out 12" from your hand. This is the torque on the bearings with every load. Combined with an out of balance load caused by a cracked vane that holds the laundry from tumbling and you have a one cylinder popper playing bass drum in the basement while your trying to balance the books. Enter line: "New Washer"!

Good luck & Do it Yourself. You will be the wiser.

b3d4dc69, 2010-12-04, 01:48AM CST

Same problem here in Calgary. Purchased 417 washer in Aug 2002, died Dec 2003 (spider and nosy bearings) Tech quoted 650 to fix, suggested I call the sears store to 'explain teh problem to the sales guy, as "they might do something", and they shipped me a brand new replacement machine. About 5 years later, started getting noise, and lasted 2 more years when finally started clunking. Bought the tub-kit for 229 CAD and even being handy, it takes a few hours to get the maching apart and change it out.

After re-assembling, doesn't do final sping, and everythign is pointing to broken speed control board.

for only lasting 7 years, it is rathe disappointing as both the washer and matching dryer were $1800 in 2002.

ON another note, the dryer had an electricaly short in one of the power connectors and the machine had a nasty fire inside (not due to lint trapped). tripped the breaker and stunk the house out.

I regret buying these machines as I did expect them to last much longer the what they did.

Sears would have a good service business if their parts prices were reasonable, then you wouldn't mind the guy coming out to fix your machine, but the parts prices are too expensive to pay someone else to reaire them worthwhile which means they end up in the landfill.

Nobody wins.

Sears, all these machines that died, I guarantee you won't get anyone of these customers back in your store for a wahser/dryer team; we ALL bought them thinking they would last, all felt burned when there was no warranty, we all choked on the "service tech must come and pay him $100 to check it out" for what we all know is wrong (flawed spider / chemical metal mismatch) and all end up fuming mad that we got completely taken.

Make good, recall the machines, compensate with a revised version or simply do what Toyota did with the so-called flawed accellerator - stand behind your product and retrofit it with a spider assembly that is compatible with detergent and the stainless steel drum like you should have in the factory.

b3d4dc69, 2010-12-04, 02:39AM CST

Same problem here in Calgary. Purchased 970C4216200 (970-C42162-00) washer in Aug 2002 (with matching dryer), and the washer died Dec 2003. There was only 3 of us in the house at the time, so this was quite the shock as the machine really was not subject too heavy use at all. Sears Tech quoted 650 to fix, suggested I call the sears store to explain the problem to the sales rep as "they might do something" hinting that there were others with the same difficulty. At least the technician offered some help that was in my benefit and indeed, it was appreciated. The Sears store shipped me a brand new replacement machine and I was happier than a pig in .____. About 5 years later, the washer started getting noisy again, and lasted 2 more years, getting noisier, leaving some brown spots on clothes and finally started clunking. Researched the problem on the net (as I knew the replacement machine only had 1 yr warranty) and I learned about all the problems as reported on many forums, bought the tub-kit for 229 CAD and even being handy, it takes a few hours to get the machine apart and change it out.

After re-assembling, it doesn't do the final high-speed spin, and everything is pointing to broken speed control board and more work to get it running properly and having taken circuit board design, I truly hope to isolate the problem to a low cost component on said board rather than part with a few more hundred dollars to buy a new postcard sized circuit board known as the speed / motor controller..

Not only did I have problems with the washer, but in the spring of 2010 the dryer had an electrical short in one of the electrical harnesses under the top lid of the dryer, had a nasty fire inside (not due to lint trapped).. It tripped the breaker and stunk the house out. This could have burned my house down with my washer being noisy, I just went and bought a used dryer to offset any increasing costs in owning sears appliances. IT WAS a good thing I was home at the time to deal with the smoke; fortunately the fire snuffed itself out due to lack oxygen inside the cabinet.

For the pair lasting less than 7 years, this was quite the disappointment.

The problem this creates, is a good business case to study in MBA school in how a bad product causes escalating customer frustration and ultimately permanent customer loss due to the following chain of events. First, the consumer purchases the product based on the reputation for good products and good service, laying out a big pile of money expecting a reasonably long service life out of the appliance. The first shock is the premature failure of the machine, believing that the manufacturer will help as you know when it breaks its is something major. Next, one finds out that, there is no warranty coverage and the price of sears to repair is equivalent to, or even exceeds purchasing a brand new machine Next, in order to save some cash, the consumer looks to repair it themselves only to find that one cannot replace only the failed part (the spider or bearings) but need to buy the tub kit which forces the payment of extra cash for parts that are not needed to make the repair. And to make matters worse, we find out that there are lots and lots of other people angry and frustrated by the same problem that generally believe if a similar situation happened in any other industry, the manufacturer would be forced to do a recall or retrofit (think Audis mystery acceleration problems in the 90s, Toyotas accelerator last year, Honda transmission warrant extensions in the early 2000s)

Accordingly, I will not buy any appliances from sears, ever again. I suspect, that most people who have experienced the same escalating frustration, also, will avoid shopping sears for appliances.

Sears, you should make good, recall the machines, compensate with a revised version or simply do what Toyota did with the so-called flawed accelerator - stand behind your product and retrofit. In this case, supply or retrofit a new spider assembly that is compatible with detergent and the stainless steel drum like you should have in the factory when you first built the machine.

With one appliance catching fire (pictures to prove) and another breaking down way to soon, it is sad that not only was my hard earned cash ripped off, but there is a lot of front load machines heading for the landfill; Shame on you for not fixing this problem by modifying the materials back in 2003-05 when these machines began failing in droves. Shame on you, for not putting the correct materials in the spider assembly right on the factory floor.

79a6b64b, 2012-01-06, 08:53PM CST

i am a appliance tec for 22 years FRONT LOADS ARE JUNK and sears has nothing to due with it as sears makes nothing thay only slap thear name on it,,the manifacture is coded at the first 3 numbers of yor modle number such as 110.xxxxxx (110 is made by whirlpool) good luck with the crap out thear,,,,

103. Roper 630. Bosch 106. Whirlpool 647. Roper 110. Whirlpool 651. Speed Queen 119. Frigidaire 664. Whirlpool 143. SFS Corp. (Sanyo/Fisher) 665. Whirlpool 144. Trane 666. Kitchen Aid 155. Preway 683. Philco Italy 174. Amana/Caloric 719. Tappan (Frigidaire 175. In-Sink-Erator 721. Goldstar (LG Electronics 183. Haier 747. Litton 198. Whirlpool 757. Marvel, Imperial 253. Gibson/Frigidaire 789. Defience 336. Electrolux/Frigidaire 840. Friedrich 335. Amana 835. Roper 363. GE 879. Rheem/Ruud 362. GE 867. Keeprite 417. Kelvinator/Frigidaire 925. Maycor (Maytag 335. Amana 835. Roper 484. Fedders, Whirlpool 970. Frigidaire 566. Sanyo 565. Sanyo

e0cf65f7, 2012-01-08, 07:45PM CST

I removed the large drive pulley on the back of the tube and removed the seal on the bearing to discover it is the bearing that's gone. Water got past the seal and into the bearing causing it to fail. Does anyone have a bearing pulley that will remove this bearing??

Emitt W., 2012-11-08, 07:00PM CST

I was next to our dryer when our Kenmore 417 (from Sears) washer "exploded." The loud bang was unbelievable. I didn't know what was going on. Now I know that it was the spider arm assembly that broke. I'm not even going to try to get it repaired. I will buy another brand of washer. Even with a repair, the pump or bearings could go out at a later date.

I also discovered the moldy crud on the far side of the rubber gasket. We have wondered why the machine smelled so bad. I always used paper towels to dry off the gasket, but the far side is difficult to see and clean.

Some government agency has to step in and warn consumers that when the spider arm breaks, there could be a very loud sound. I am 69 years old and was still shaking for half an hour after the "explosion."

I just received an e-mail from Sears that informed me that my washer is not under any warranty. Also, they informed me that the failure of the spider assembly is not a common problem.

I will no longer enter a Sears store.

b1f5abd9, 2013-01-22, 07:11AM CST

Does anyone know if this part will fit on the Kenmore 41744102301 washer?

Logic is that this is made by Frigidaire

Thanks for your help

63d1066a, 2013-04-17, 11:24AM CDT

Here we are in 2013, and still the same problem...

Washer Kenmore from Sears Canada (made in USA) Model 970-C41062-00. According to the serial number made in 2001 (I got it used but in, visually, excellent condition in 2010...).

One day, a loud bang and clunking. I checked and found this (and other) sites plus videos explaining the programmed-obsoleteness problem with the spider assembly.

On the Sears-Parts site, the "Tub-Kit" was quoted 500+CAD! I called the 1-888 service number (from the Canadian web-site. The person on the other end was not open to a discussion about guarantee (the stainless tub) or the dubious non-available spider assembly. But when I gave him the parts-number for the tub-kit that I found earlier in this thread, he said my local Sears Parts Center has it in stock, that he would reserve it for me and that it would cost 207$CAD +tax...

At the counter, I was given a completely different part, which I refused, insisting on the tub-kit (also called "wash-group-assembly". Suddenly the gentleman knew exactly what I was talking about, got the right box out of the storage, I paid 239,14$CAD after taxes, and off I went.

The part-number is 134453200 (On the box it said "Electrolux", on the part is written "Frigidaire")

By the way, I asked the man at the counter, who was very aware of the problem, if since the coming-up of the issue they had changed the material the spider is made of. He said "no, this is the original part with the spider made of some white metal"... Why to go...

So, after watching these videos and plus reading, and gathering the right tools (and a tube of super-glue), it took me 3 hours to disassemble, change the tub, and reassemble the machine.

As I write this, it is ,merrily humming away in the background.

I read about some people opening the tub and disassembling the spider to paint it, and also to cut off those long screws that will scratch the tub, but I was happy to have the whole tub already assembled and to not have to worry about it leaking. So I decided to take a chance "as-is"...

I thank everybody who has posted on this subject, thus helping me to repair a machine instead of throwing it away.

I thank everybody except Sears and Frigidaire, which should have been sued a long time ago.

And so much for our society based on some people making money by screwing everybody else.

Good luck.

miles m., 2013-08-14, 09:32AM CDT

Wow - had hope for a $250 diy repair on my squashed spider, but sears part 134453200 is now listing online for $500 only 4 months after the previous post.

Richard P., 2014-05-22, 11:40AM CDT

The washer is a piece of junk.... and I wrote to SEARS about their product which more consumers should -

Dear Sears:

Re: Kenmore Front End Washer with defective Spider (Aluminum) Assembly on Drum .

Five years ago I bought what I believed to be a well made Kenmore Product. We have used the Kenmore Name in many appliances within generations of my family. I remembered the name Kenmore as my father always told me they were the best products. I have always believed such was true, only to be let down on a tradition that my family believed in.

Well, today's inspection of our washer was a joke. To find that a well known product such as yours is using cheap shortcuts in order to sell what you call a Washer Drum Assembly that is defective in the first place. Now who puts a Stainless Steel tub, with an Aluminum Spider assembly only to have it deteriorate to the point that the washer becomes useless as repairing such is out of the question. You might as well buy a new washer. Which, I am sure that is what is intended by using such a crappy part (aluminum) to hold the drum assembly together.

I would say that you are no better than General Motors who caught in the act of selling defective automobiles and hiding or covering up the fact that such defect is known, but still not doing anything to correct this problem. I know that you have to know that the drum assembly in the Kenmore is defective. Why has there not been a recall, or some sort of announcement of this problem with your washers?

Unfortunately, I used to think Sears was a company that cared, and their products were reliable and trustworthy. But now after generations of my family believing in Sears products, this is a total let down in the name " Sears ". So I would like an answer to this dilemma that your cheap corporate tactics in selling defective Front Load Washers to the public is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Now I am without a washer because of some stupid defective part is hidden inside the washer, only to find out when something happens in a short number of years To find out a integral a part is made of Aluminum and when any idiot would know that such Drum Unit should be using a Stainless Steel spider assembly which will not deteriorate over time.

I would like an answer to see what you are going to do about this situation. Is Sears going to back up what they sell, or you going to give me the song and dance - " It's out of Warranty..." " It's only guranteed for this and does not cover that ....." etc. etc. etc.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until June 30, 2014 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau. So during the meantime I hope to have a response from you in a timely manner, otherwise I am going to use every avenue to bring this to public knowledge that SEARS is selling defective washers and I am sure that you know of the problem and just are not doing anything about it. As a Consumer I have rights, and I have done my research in this matter and there are plenty of other consumers that have had the same result with your defective washers.


Richard P.

Cc- File

Fred V., 2014-06-06, 03:31PM CDT

I had the same problem but Sears Canada Assist, contacted initially via Twitter was very helpful reaching out to me immediately. They are looking to solve the problem ASAP, provided me a direct contact person who is looking into my case. They promised me to get me just the part I need without having to buy the whole drum assy to get the spider. I think this is a great change in attitude from the other posts I see in here. I never called a service rep though. I took it apart myself, found the problem, posted some comments on Facebook and Twitter and got them reaching out to me while I was looking out the parts on the internet but was having a hard time to nail down which one and specially been able to find the broken part without buying the whole assy. I give so far a 8 out 10 to Sears just for the prompt response via social media.

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