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Posted on Saturday, November 18th, 2006 at 2:59pm CST by f6e954dc

Company: Frigidaire Gallery Dryer

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Roger Jeffrey

6205 Zephyr Ridge Drive

Zephyrhills, FL 33542

I recently purchashed a new Frigidaire Gallery Dryer and it was delivered today Nov 17, 2006. expecting the machine to work as a new machine should, I discovered that the machine would run but would not heat. I let it run for over an hour and it was sill as cold as the time I filled the machine. I called Badcock where I purchased the machine and the gave me a number to call locally and they told me it would be tuesday before they could come out. I called Badcock to see if they would replace it and was told that it would be wednesday before it could be replaced.. if this problem is not taken care of properly, I will return the machine and find a brand that works.

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d99cdfdc, 2009-02-17, 08:51PM CST

This is so typical, This is so common.. we had so many problems with(BADCOCKS) appliances. As a store owner, you can imagine how we felt when our customers would call & corporate made the final decision. We had insurances to be sold for product warranties, WHY ? CUSTOMERS, " BUY NEW AND WANT NEW" They have so...much of this they even have an outside source called CANNON APPLIANCE to handle all their dilemmas in POLK COUNTY FLA! These are all corporate stores. We had an irate customer that came from another store, and owned her own publishing company and was going to publish this in her POLK COUNTY paper. We made it right for her...she didn't know the stores were franchises...They never tried to honor the 30day return policy, as they couldn't get re-imburse on appliances once they were used by the manufacturers. SOOO...many deceitful practices. We were ruined by this company as well as many others! Hopefully they will be found out! SECONDS AT BEST!!!!

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