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Posted on Friday, November 17th, 2006 at 5:42pm CST by 0c83c7f7

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Sear's Home Central - Appliance Repair Service

Sears' Repair Service sucks! When it comes to customer service, I have to give them an F. The only good thing they did was call to confirm they were coming, but then they ruin that by it being an automated service saying "sometime between 8 and 5." They have to be the worst! (And their customer service via phone is no better - automated, with incomplete menus, and holding online forever). It's obvious Sears does NOT value/appreciate their customers. They really haven't a CLUE as to what customer service is.

We had a minor refrigerator leak. They charge $60 just to come out. Then they have the most outrageous pricing structure for services rendered - which in our case, involved melting some ice with boiling water and a blow-dryer and flushing out a drain. The whole repair took a total of 15 minutes. For this they have the audacity to charge $180!!! They're crazy! They're shameful! Without a doubt totally reprehensible!! To the point of being immoral and criminal. I told my mom "give him $90 and let them come after us, we'll put 'em on the news, show what all they did, and their audacity." She paid them. Then he wanted us to sign, giving our approval. I said, "NO! We're not signing anything. She paid you with a check not a credit card, you don't need her to sign anything.... We DON'T approve."

Just another instance where Corporate America is out to take advantage of customers instead of having any pride in service and integrity. Oh, and the serviceman - how long's he been doing this? 17 years! "Sleep just fine." Of course he does, he doesn't give it a second thought if he and the company he works for take advantage of their customers. Typical. Everyone out for themselves, instead of for the customers.

You can be sure we will NEVER be calling on SEARS again to help us out. You can also be sure that I will be reporting them to all consumer web sites, including my own, making sure I blow their reputation to smithereens, as well as spare any other consumers from being totally taken advantage of.


bb0e9ae0, 2008-12-08, 11:02AM CST

I am very sorry for you Sir! But considering that these People that have such a heavy back load of taking on so many unhappy customers is a very stressful Job to do. When you go to School to become someone that takes on other Peoples problems you would like to be paid top dollar to make it in this life also. The job requires more then just 15 mins of his time. You Sir aren't thinking that the Job could have been much bigger then draining or thawing ice build up or a plugged drain. What you don't know that the 60 dollars he made off of you maybe only took 15 mins but the next jobs that are either before you or after you 9 chances out of 10 takes more than a days work at trying to find say a leak maybe. I can tell you wouldn't have the nerve to try a job like that or you wouldn't be such a jerk at puttin their jobs down. Go back to school get a higher paying job that don't require nothing of your time. Wife of a very hard worker that takes home more then his share of a pay check also other peoples crap that he has to handle along with it. If the job gets too much too handle your job or any other can tear down a family and destory many lives of not just stress in the household of raising children but the concern when enough of other peoples troubles consumes your life you are left with the thoughts of all this because you had to make a life for your family. The 60 to 180 dollar sevice call can also help pay for the repair to keep a family together. Hope this brings some sort of a smile to your face that help bring food clothing and alittle to tuck away for a retirement if the stress dont kill you first. The Job has no price on life Sir just trying to make it just like you. All the best take care and think of other things that the person has goin on other then the money.

e78e3d48, 2010-06-20, 11:40PM CDT

lets see..... You have a problem with how much sears charges for service? Why did you not complete this task yourself if you knew what the problem was...Or you didn't know what the problem was so you hired a tech with knowledge on this to repair it....KNOWLEDGE COSTS MONEY..Lawyers are expensive and your not bashing them... Take it easy

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