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Posted on Friday, November 17th, 2006 at 7:27pm CST by 83a64058

Company: Ewave Daewoo microwave

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In 2003 I purchased an Ewave over the stove microwave, these are made by Daewoo according to my research.

About 3 months after the purchase the touchad did not work properly and it was a crapshoot if you were going to get to microwave anything. I called and called and called DAEWOO with no satisfaction, very unfriendly service and long holds for nothing. I spoke with Home Depot about the unit and the warranty service and they pretty much told me tough luck buddy even though I had just spent about $2000 in that poor service store.

About 3 months after my first complaint they got tired of me complaining and they sent another unit by UPS, the new units touchpad and turntable mechanism quit working properly after another 3 months, I do not have the energy to go through the crap again from Daewoo. I very strongly recommend you not buy anything from this company.

Tim Millspaugh


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e685b6f1, 2008-10-31, 01:34PM CDT

What I found about Daewoo in my search is that they are not a real appliance company as one would expect. Daewoo is made up of a group of Korean nationals with connections in China that import takeoff of parts and assemble them.

Basically they start with real parts from real companies and assemble prototypes- Way to expensive to sell a a product.

After they build their prototype from different parts, They use there Chinese connection to "make copies" of the expensive parts/ slap there labels on them and sell them.

They are not really an engineering/design company the way most companies you would expect are, they really don't test anything etc.

They are just a bunch of assemblers and marketers.

Didn't they once try and do this with cars?

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