Goodbye from a longtime American Airlines customer

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2006 at 7:04pm CST by 0cf17bf3

Company: Goodbye from a longtime American Airlines customer

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Over the past seven days, your baggage handlers and customer service agents have taught me a valuable lesson: never to fly American ever again.

Last Wednesday 11/8 I flew from LAX to Miami, arriving at 9pm. My bag didn’t make it, which I sort of expected, only having arrived at LAX 90 minutes prior to departure. Instead, here is what transpired:

1. The bags made it to the carousel in just over an hour, but mine wasn’t there.

2. I stopped by the baggage services desk and they filled out a “Property Irregularity Receipt” promising my bag would be delivered. The report contains a phone number (954-730-4202) that was a disconnected number.

3. The bag was to be delivered to my meeting at the City of Lauderhill sometime Thursday 11/9. I called and found that it had arrived in Miami and was on the truck for delivery by 4pm. It never arrived.

4. I finished with my meeting, returned to Miami and flew back home to LAX. I checked with the baggage counter at LAX and they included a note with my file telling Miami to pick up the bag and return it to my home near L.A.

5. The bag arrived at Lauderhill, FL on Friday 11/10.

6. Each day since then, I’ve called the number on the report (1-800-535-5225, #7) and spoken with various people, but each time they’ve been unsuccessful reaching anyone at Miami by phone. One agent even told me “they never answer the phone so we just send text messages”. Thus far there has been no update and they are unable to tell Miami to pick up my bag.

7. The City of Lauderhill tells me my bag is still at their office and nobody has been by or called.

8. Although my Property Irregularity Receipt has my cell phone number, nobody has called me.

9. Once the case was 5 days old, the 1-800-535-5225 number suggested another number for Central Baggage – 1-800-866-4010. I called this number and got a very helpful agent who gave me a list of numbers for Miami and wished me luck.

10. For the past three days I’ve called all five of these numbers and each time the phone rings with no answer. One number allowed me to leave a message, which I did Monday and received no return call. Those numbers are 305-526-7796, 305-526-1980, 305-526-7793, 305-526-1986, and 305-984-2082.

I completely understand why my bag didn’t make it to Miami, but now I have no way of getting it back. Nobody at AA is willing to see this issue through, and I have spent at least four hours of my own time trying to track down the bag. While I do not have anything of critical importance in it, I do have various meeting notes and I really do need the bag back. I’ve run out of options. Who can I contact at American to return my bag?

Here are the particulars:

File Locator: SPUQPL

Bag Tag Number: 651408

Home address – bag needs to be delivered here:

Scott Eckersall

3174 Oakcreek Rd

Chino Hills, CA 91709

City of Lauderhill address – bag is currently here:

City of Lauderhill City Yard

2101 NW 49th Ave

Lauderhill, FL 33313

I appreciate anything you might be able to help out with. It was enjoyable flying American prior to this. Good luck and see you on Southwest.

Scott Eckersall

Chino Hills, CA



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