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Posted on Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 at 8:33am CST by 174f3e32

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Menards in Golden Valley Minnesota

I recently ordered countertops at this location. Since Menards does not have anyone to come out to measure countertops, I had my brother measure them for me. What I ordered and what I got are two different measurements. The store measures it this way and my brother measured it that way. Since, I signed the paperwork on the day I ordered them, in which I had to as if I did not sign it, it could not be ordered. So, now I have one countertop that is totally useless. On the day we put the countertops on and found out the one did not fit, I called Menards up and had my brother talk to them and he had the measurement right in front of him and was reading the measurement off of the paperwork. I talked to one of the managers and they said that I can reorder it but it will cost me an extra $100.00 dollars plus I have to bring back the other countertop with a restock fee. I told them that I could not afford to buy another countertop and this is the offer they gave me. Since, I have no countertop I am stuck with this situation. I personally don't think I should have to pay for this mistake, as if you had someone come out from your store in the first place to measure these countertops I would not be having this problem with the extra cost, at which I cannot afford.

I am a working student that bought a condo and I took X amount of money out of my 401 K to fix this place up and this was the last cost that I had to work with and I kept out this amount of money for my countertop and now this is the place I am at, so I would like to hear a solution to this problem.


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2c8f3f70, 2008-05-01, 02:29PM CDT

Hire a contractor if you desire to have accuracy and responsibility. Or learn to read. Documents from menards spells out how to measure.

0ef7929e, 2009-01-22, 11:17AM CST

It's very unfortunate, but that is the risk you take with Menards. I think your only solution is to go to a countertop professional have them measure and install the countertops. It will be more expensive than Menards but it will be correct, and be a better quality product. I am in the cabinet industry and I've heard hundreds of stories like yours. The reason Menards is cheaper than most places is because you give up some quality and you give up service.

a8d1fc17, 2009-02-06, 12:05PM CST

If money is your only issue, you won't find a better deal than Menards. Caveat emptor. Even after paying for the new countertop piece, I'm almost 100% sure you'd still be saving money over doing business with a full-service countertop outfit. And no I don't work for Menards.

6fbeeb55, 2009-02-18, 08:47PM CST

With Menards special orders the most critical time is between drawing up the paperwork and paying for it. If you catch the mistakes before you pay, you can have them corrected. Once you pay, you get exactly what is on that paperwork. Your brother should have gone with you to order. I am a contractor and I never let a homeowner do the ordering at Menards. If they do there are almost always mistakes.

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