Complaint Regarding the purchase of a Hot Tub in Lynnwood, WA

Posted on Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 at 9:29pm CST by b5d08dad

Company: Complaint Regarding the purchase of a Hot Tub in Lynnwood, WA

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November 14, 2006

Black Pine Spas

20129 Highway 99

Lynnwood, WA 98036


Phone: (800) 896-5405

I made several attempts to make this transaction as smooth and seamless as possible. However, these are the most arrogant, lying and deceitful people that you will hope to come across. The prices are less than competitive and on the surface they appear benevolent and truthful. Give them $9,000 for a hot tub, and wait for the delivery, and it will be a rude awakening. My contractor was the middle man for the delivery - and I purchase this tub in April 2006; I told the sales person that the room that this was going to be installed was in the preliminary stages of being plan/build. In November we requested the tub. The company sent a surveyor out to inspect the property for delivery. The inspector change the arrival time frequently with my contractor on a Saturday, and never inspected the property. They expected someone to be there all day simply for a 5 minute look. I was there all day - but the company failed to contact me. The tub was expected to be delivered on Friday the November 3rd. After the inspector reported that they would need additional equipment to bring the tub into the location (property has a slight slope) someone from their company took it upon themselves to cancel the delivery. This set back caused my contractor of course great difficulty in managing the time schedule. I was informed that the tub could not be delivered until after the Thanksgiving Holidays - December 2nd, and there were not further attempts by this insidious company to ameliorate the situation to satisfaction. I was handed a pack of lies by the sales team, and found his behavior just as arrogant and pedantic as the rest of his staff. I was recommended this company by my friend that purchase a hot tub earlier, and I shared with about the improper handling of the transaction, and he feels very badly about having to steer me in their direction. I was already geared to make the purchase through the Costco - Roadside Showing; based on the trust and respect that I have for my friend, I made this decision that I can truly say has been a dreadful experience. Hind sight is 20/20, but I wish that I could have stuck with my initial decision to purchase via Costco; after all, this is the primary vendor that I make all of my purchases through today, given that they do not tolerate vendors to operate the way that Black Pine Spas operate. By the way, they HAVE A 30% RESTOCKING FEE, and I find them so offensive that I would be willing to let them have it, if my contractor wasn't anxious to get the job over before Christmas. Please reconsider strongly before you make any attempts to purchase your Spas.


Blair D. Sonthreelle


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