Mohawk carpet complaint

Posted on Monday, November 13th, 2006 at 8:36am CST by 40d87ad1

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I just recently had installed Mohawk carpeting in my living room, dining room, hallway, and a stairway. I have saved up for 3 years to recarpet these areas. Mohawk was having a sale and I picked out a rather expensive carpet for my budget. I was mislead by the samples and picture on the board of the samples. This is the worst looking carpet I have ever seen in a room of any home!!! I do like the color, but the performance of this carpet is a joke!!! Traffic patterns and vacuum marks are just unreal. I would never recommend Mohawk carpeting to anyone!!! I am now stuck with this carpet and purchasing cheap area rugs to hide it because I am embarrassed to show to any of my friends or family. I just want to thank Mohawk for ruining the looks of my home!!!


Michelle Stefancik

Linton, IN


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13be851c, 2007-10-29, 04:40PM CDT

I just had Mohawk Customweave style Kipini/color:teas stain) put down in my back two bedrooms and down the hallway. I know what you mean by being mislead with the color swatch/patch at the store. My carpet shows every step and wasn't suppose to, and also everything sticks to it!!!!!! On top of that there are what appears to be splices in the carpet in the bedrooms and also in the hallway for everyone to see. The installers reported it to the store, and a Mohawk rep. is going to decide if I have to live with it or not? The installer said Mohawk just might say that it is the characteristic of this carpet to show splice lines that are not that at all..........go figure?!! I have waited a long time for my carpet to replace too, and now this. I am so sad about this. I too am afraid to show friends and family my new carpet. My sister even noticed the line marks right off the bat too, and I didn't point it out to her. Now we shall see if MOHAWK lives up to it's claim for me to be 100% satisfied with their carpet now.

9c3df1c7, 2008-03-03, 11:15AM CST

I installed Mohawk carpeting in my living room, dining room, and 2 bedrooms. We thought and were assured by the salesman this was good carpet and should we have any problems it would all be covered under warranty. They patched a piece in because there was a manufacturers defect and again I was told by the salesman and the fellow who did the patch, any problems not to worry it is all under warranty for 10 years. Well it is now 4 years later, fibers are pulling out of the patch (it is in the middle of my living room), the wear on this carpet is terrible and low and behold the company that sold it to us and Mohawk say all is fine. I will not recommend Mohawk carpeting or the company that sold it to us, I feel like I have been scammed by these two.

2be94030, 2008-09-21, 11:10AM CDT

I agree completely! We had a flood on the first floor of our home and wanted a carpet that was easy to clean so we chose SmartStrand. Well this carpet is the hardest to clean ever. Everywhere you walk the carpet is black. At the couch and chairs the carpet is black from your feet. And it won't come clean! Of course, Mohawk says there is nothing wrong with the carpet - it is the cleaning method that we used. Not a very SmartStrand if you can only clean it using a certain company. Mowhawk has ruined the look of our home also!

70acf93c, 2008-12-13, 06:06PM CST

I have grown up in the carpet world and I must tell you that it has nothing to do with fact that it is a mohawk carpet. It is that who ever sold it to you did not let you know what the carpet was going to do or you may not have let the sales person know that you did not want carpet that would do the things that your carpet is doing, I'm sorry that it turned out bad but I can tell you for sure that it is not mohawk, not all of there carpet is like that.

d46ef3a3, 2009-02-01, 09:54PM CST

I just had Mohawk (natural blend) installed, and I agree: It is the sorriest piece of carpeting I have ever seen. Ten minutes after vacuuming, the tracking looks like chicken scratching. I wouldn't recommend Mohawk carpet to my worst enemy. I talked to Mohawk and Lowe's where I purchased the carpet. They both tell me that the problem is characteristic of this carpet.

5408ebc9, 2009-10-10, 08:49PM CDT

I also had Mowawk carpet (berber) installed on the entire 2nd level of my home. This was the most expensive carpet(almost $7,000) they had. Within 1 month of installation one of the stairs started "pilling" or looking fuzzy. I complained and that area was replaced. Now, 18 months later, the entire stairway looks horrible, along with a large area in the hallway as well as traffic patterns in the master bedroom. Of course, Mohawk denied the claim even though the inspector stated in his report the carpet showed wear of 8 year old carpet! After much fighting back and forth I am finally getting it replaced. I don't know if Mohawk is covering the cost or Lowe's where I purchased it. I will never buy anything by Mohawk again.

574c2a0b, 2009-11-30, 11:16AM CST

any problems with Mohawk "Kachina" style berber carpet? Thanks.

16fdd764, 2010-01-27, 03:27PM CST

I just had the new smart strand berber carpet installed in a bedroom 3 months ago. When I vacuumed recently it started to unravel. I called the store where we bought it and they came out and looked at the carpet and said it happens all the time and I need to inspect the carpet every time before I vacuum. I then called Mohawk customer service and basically got the run around with one exception. They said in the warranty you can't use a beater bar on your sweeper. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!! I have berber everywhere in our home and always use the beater bar on my sweeper. They talk about how great the new smart strand carpet is and how you can spill clorox on it. Well that might be as long as you never want to vacuum it. I do not recommend this carpet and am very disappointed in mohawk and especially the dealer we bought it from.

Anonymous, 2010-10-01, 05:46PM CDT

I respect that your complaint was from 2008 and currently it's 2010, but I am looking for others with the same problem as mine.

I did the formal living room, dining room stairs and upstairs hall with Mohawk carpeting. The fibers are falling out and that is no exaggeration. They, meaning Mohawk sent an independent and took a new sample of the carpet for testing. While he was taking the tests he was pulling the fibers right out of the carpet. I asked him if this was normal and he commented, "What do you think?" I replied, "Absolutely not!" He agreed.

Well, Mohawk can take their WARRANTY and ........they will not replace the carpet and when I filed the complaint it wasn't even a year old!

DON'T BUY MOHAWK CARPETING THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR WARRANTY. Carpet salesman told me that this carpet is defective.

If anyone else has had this same problem please email me as I am going to try to have them do a recall. Over four thousand dollars and the carpet is junk!

9ec45e0a, 2011-05-01, 11:18PM CDT

this woman is worried about carpet ruining the looks of her home...she saved for 3 years for it. Hmm. She cheated with my husband which is a bit worse than getting bad carpet. Boo hoo...

Ashley P., 2012-10-05, 11:35AM CDT

This Carpet is the worst!!! We had just bought our first home and put in $4000.00 worth of Mohawk Carpet. We were told at Lowe's that this is really good carpet. It looked nice there and felt nice as well. Their sign said it was tough enough for kids, which was good because we have two boys and it was pet friendly which we have a dog. It was also suppose to not show stains which we wanted! Lowe's sold us on this Carpet. We had it installed about 1 month after we moved in our house on October 13th 2011. So November we had our new carpet and it seemed really nice. It was around March when we realized we was getting a bald spot right in the middle of our living room. All the carpet strains kept coming out. We contacted Lowe's immediately and they filed a claim with the company. The company sent out a independent inspector to look at it and write a report. The company denied our claim stating it was related to our carpet cleaner and our dog. We had a name brand carpet cleaner, Bissell and our dog never messed with the carpet. It ended up that Lowe's paid for part of our carpet and the company ended up paying for the rest after Lowe's kept on them for a good while. So we had the new carpet installed which was the same kind of carpet. This was probably around May that it was installed. Within 1 months we began to see our seems coming apart. So I called the installers and they came to fix them, however it ended up being the carpet coming apart from the bottom of the carpet, the matting I guess. So we filed yet another claim. Once again the company has denied our claim. Lowe's said there is nothing else they can do and that they will give us a discount off of new flooring if we wish. I am now stuck with crappy carpet from a company that does not stand behind their warrenty!! My carpet looks dirty and worn only after a few months and it's all coming apart. I paid $4000.00 for this and it lasted less then one year!! I have two kids and do not have money to replace $4000.00 worth of flooring after a year. This company is horrible and I wish I would of never bought their carpet!! I am a mother just trying to provide a nice home for my children and companies like Mohawk doesn't care!! Don't buy this Carpet!!!

Milton P., 2014-04-06, 11:04AM CDT

We had Mohawk Karastan carpet installed last last year . It shows every step taken in the room . A flow pattern begins to show immediately after vacuuming . Complaints to the company have brought zero response , Please do not patronize these crooks selling poor quality products with a worthless warranty .

d2fc4d39, 2015-06-29, 04:56PM CDT

For what it is worth, carpet manufacturers only honor warranties if you have the carpet professionally steam cleaned (using the hot water extraction method) by a professional before the end of every 18 months and keep the receipt. I am sorry your salesperson did not know enough to explain that to you. Also, any plush style carpet will show vacuum marks and footprints as all carpet has a grain and plushes and/or patterned ("tip shears"/"cut and loops") are the most visible styles.

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