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Posted on Saturday, November 11th, 2006 at 1:16pm CST by d459252d

Company: Continental Airlines

Category: Travel, Vacations

Purchased two round trip tickets to Paris from Newark, NJ on 4/25-06 to leave 9/22/06 and return 10/08/06. The next day, a cheaper fare was offered and tickets were canceled and rebooked at cheaper fare. Unfortunately the date was changed to 10/1/06 for the return flight.

Upon arriving at the airport in Paris on 10/08/06 I first learned of the changed date and was told that my return ticket was now worthless and that I had to buy a new ticket to get home.

Was charged $4012.24 for two roundtrip tickets (one-way was more they said) and was told that I could get a refund for the return ticket I didn't intend to use as well as a total refund when I documented what had happened.

After I returned, Continental said they had no record of my purchase on 4/25/06 and that there was a penalty for canceling the second half of my round trip ticket and the refund I had been promised was zero. I am now out $4012.24. Needless to say I have a record of my original reservation. I had been a continental customer for many years and am amazed at how badly I have been treated. After spending over two hours on the phone with their representative, she told me I never made a reservation on April 25, and hung up on me.


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