US Bank is a rip off artist!

Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2006 at 8:09pm CST by e9a7a4f4

Company: US Bank is a rip off artist!

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I cried because I had no shoes...until I met a person who had no


That's right folks...Like many of the other folks who had been

taken for a ride by US Bank, I too had been cheated of a couple of

hundred bucks. After being lied to multiple times, I just gave up

while being amazed at the level of deception this bank would stoop

to in order to save a paltry $200.

Then I came across this wrenching story (dated 13 Oct 2006):


Silas Braxton (who suffers from end-stage renal failure) and his

wife Evelyn Casey-Braxton were served foreclosure papers by US Bank

because...get this...US Bank lost their mortgage payment checks!

An excerpt from the article:


"In fact, we have a receipt to prove it," Casey-Braxton said. (

that they had paid their monthly mortage )

When the Braxtons went back to the bank to complain, they showed

the clerk the receipt that proved they had paid their bills before

the loan had been foreclosed on. They were stunned to hear that it

didn’t matter.

"They told us that anyone can (make a fake) receipt," Braxton said.

"What’s the point of giving them out if they won’t honor their own


He said people at the bank made him and his wife feel like it was

their fault, even though the bank had lost the checks.


Let me repeat that:

He said people at the bank made him and his wife feel like it was

their fault, even though the bank had lost the checks.

Read the article and do your own due diligence before doing

business with this evil institution!

Remember in the late 50s, Ford tried to save its embarrassing

failure of a car by flooding magazines with ads that screamed "The

Edsel is a success."? The public was not taken in by these flashy

slogans. My question to those reading this review is: Will you fall

hook, line and sinker for US Bank's 5 Star guarantee while they

continue to hoodwink the likes of the Braxton couple? What did the

Braxtons do to deserve this hell?

By the way, this is not a chance happening! About two years back, I

had come across another identical case of US Bank foreclosing on a

property in an almost identical manner!

A challenge: Find me a single bank among the nation wide chain of

banks that is WORSE than US Bank!

I am continually amazed at good hearted nature of the American

public that pitches in to save a stranded whale or indulges in

similar acts of random kindness.

Do your good deed for the week. Print the above mentioned article

and this review. Take it to your nearest US Bank location and give

it to the customers who are unaware that they are selling their

souls to the devil! Needless to say, if you have an account at the

bank, close it out!!

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ab6a2851, 2009-09-08, 01:06PM CDT

the us bank in my area started posting nsf fees on my account when i had a positive balance...when it finally overdrew my account near 600 dollars, i tried speaking with the branch manager, who convinced me to pay half and they would pay half then we would close out the account. I agreed, paid half on my credit card and signed papers to close the account. 2 years later, they are suing me over the account claiming i never paid my half and the account never got closed. They have done this to hundreds of other people around my town and no attorney will take our case. They have found a way of ripping people off and have became good at it, while our tax dollars are bailing them out. DO NOT BANK WITH US BANK UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE A LOT OF MONEY AND PROBABLY MOST OTHER THINGS LIKE YOUR HOUSE, CARS, AND EVEN HAVE YOUR WAGES GARNISHED!!!!

Bob O., 2013-09-12, 06:11PM CDT

US Bank changed the terms of my auto loan without notification or any written approval. They raised the interest rate and added an early payoff fee. I never missed a payment and did not find out about the changes until I traded my car in. I will never borrow from them again or buy another car from the dealership that recommended them to me.

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