American Express intimidation letter

Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2006 at 5:24pm CST by 2f26d2d7

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Recently my adult daughter received a FedEx package at her former address

and was notified by the former landlord. After making a 7 mile round trip

to claim the package she found out it contained two unsolicited credit cards

(one called LA Card the other a Hilton card.)

She immediately destroyed the cards and docs that came with the cards. The

cards were never used.

Now a month later she receives a forwarded letter from American Express

saying in part:

'The reason for our decision to cancel your account is:

You did not provide the banking information, financial statements,

income tax return, and/or identification documents requested.

Our cancellation of your account(s) under these circumstances may result in

negative reporting to the consumer agencies. Additionally, if you do not

pay your accounts in a timely manner, your accounts may be referred to a

collection agency.

C Parrott

Credit Operations


Who is this scumbag and the rotten organization he works for that they try

to intimidate consumers who want nothing to do with their unsolicited credit

cards? Btw, my daughter's FICO score is 815 and these jerks intimate that

it could be hurt? I'm pissed so I'll be posting periodic versions of this

for a very long time here and elsewhere and sending versions if I can to LA

Card and Hilton.

Bottomline: Stay away from any dealings with American Express. Tactics such

as I quote above do not deserve your customer patronization.


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