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Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2006 at 10:34pm CST by 85f41356

Company: A Smart Move

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We rented containers from "A SMART MOVE" for our move from Massachusetts to Florida in April 2006. When we opened them them our items smelled and were all molded due to faulty conatiners that had broken latches and large spaces between walls. The company dispatched and paid for a cleaning restoration team to go through all of our belongings. They threw away most of them, repacked some and sent 3,000 worth of cleaning to the dry cleaner. A Smart Move promised over and over again that they were a great company and would take care of everything from paying for the 3,000 worth of dry cleaning and replacing all the damaged items. We did purchase insurance from them and quite a bit of it. Now they are claiming that they are not at fault, and they know the conatiners were broken but they don't cover that in their insurance. What does that mean? We trusted them with all of our belongings and their containers were faulty and leaked and damaged 17,000 worth of our families items. We ended up in Florida with no clothes or lines except for what was on our backs and 2 days travel. They won't pay the dry cleaner and now THEY are suing us for the money (3,000). A Smart Move said to to basically leave them alone, they will not help us. So we have lost 17,000 worth of our precious items and they STILL charged me over 4,000 for their service, which I paid because they would sue me if I didn't. Please do not use this company....they are bad, bad news. I have 100's of pictures of my moldy items and broken shipping containers to prove it!



Winter Haven,Fl.


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