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I bought a galant in 2002, it is black and for the past four years is has done well. Summer of 2006, just like any other summer in Texas it gets hot. The paint started to turn white and it grew like it was some kind of cancer. By the end of September of 2006 there are white spots on the hood, roof, and trunk lid, even the doors are starting to turn.

I took the car to the dealer and he told me that there had been a recall on the paint. The recall was from the paint company. He took pictures of my car and said he would get back with me, he had to talk to the main people of Mitsubishi. He returned my phone call a few days later to let me know that because my car had 93,000 miles on it, (just like most cars in West Texas) that it wasn't worth it to Mitsubishi to paint my car. As if the mileage had anything to do with the paint job!!!! They are insistent that I trade my car in, they say they will give me some rebates if I trade my car in on another Mitsubishi.

Since I have bought the car I have remarried and we have 5 kids together, I need to trade my car in on a car that will seat 7. Well, Mitsubishi doesn't make SUV's.

On top of all of this I find out that I was put into a "smart buy" program when I bought my car. This is like a lease. At the end of the five years of paying for the car I have a 8,000 dollar payoff. I had told the salesman when I bought it that I didn't want to lease, my daughter will be 16 when the car should be paid off and that will be her car. We had this long conversation about this when I bought the car. If I pay for the payments of five years then refinance the 8,000, I would be paying over 34,000 for a Gallant. Yeah right!!!!



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