Thomasville table #7670-731 06-06

Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 at 7:32pm CST by f8dd2095

Company: Thomasville table #7670-731 06-06

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Thomasville Home furnishings; 7522 S. Tamiami Trail; Sarasota, FL 34231; 941-924-7479

Complaint: My 7 yr old dining table collapsed during a dinner party, injuring a guest. The pedestal is cracked as well

as the base upon which it stands. The base, in fact, had a clean break that caused the table to collapse.

The store where the table was bought, suggested we applied blunt force to the table. In our seventies,

it is hard to bend down to see the area, and next to impossible for us to apply blunt force to the

pedestal. Sure that we abused the table, the store owner's son asserted there was only a 1 yr guarantee on

the table.

Pictures we brought to the store were shown to a Thomasville rep and customer service called to say

the company would not replace the piece as there was only a 1 yr warranty on the custom- ordered

table for which we paid $995, 7 yrs ago.

We are appalled that a big-name furniture manufacturer would not entertain the idea the product

was grossly defective and caused physical harm to our guest. One look at the many cracks in the

pedestal and base conveys complete breakdown of the piece to any layman, never mind furniture


We are retirees and the only two people using the table, except for the times we have guests. One

look inside our home confirms we take very good care of our furniture and buy only top-of

the line brands.

We are now stuck with a piece of furniture that is not repairable, a piece we thought would last

many, many years. The matching chairs are useless to us and we will now have to purchase a complete

new dining set.

We are most disappointed in Thomasville who touts itself as a manufacturer of quality furniture. Our

experience obliterates that image in favor of a manufacturer that will not stand behind its goods

when quality control clearly failed to identify a deeply flawed piece with the potential to inflict

bodily injury once it fulfilled its destiny to collapse.

Question: Is there anything you can do to help us get a new table from Thomasville, as our 7 yr old table is

corrupt beyond repair? We ordered a custom finish to match an entertainment center, so we cannot

easily replace this table with another manufacturer's line.

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e77d4632, 2008-11-24, 10:10AM CST

Thomasville makes every effort to make customers happy. It stands behind all manufacture warranties. Manufacture warranties are explained to the client when the purchase is made. A table base does not just crack after 7 years. Im sure the base was not delivered with a crack but delivered in fantastic top notch condition.My Thomasville furniture has always been beautiful and has served me well. Something casued this base to crack. It was either hit, or dropped, moved improperly or something. It is our responsability as the customer to properly maintain the furniture and maintenance information is available on If a car is dinged or dented after 7 years, does the dealership give you a new car? No manufactire would replace an item that has cracked after 7 years. Especially on an item that is designed not to move,like a table base.Im sure if Thomasville replaced every item damaged by a customer they would have gone out of business. No manufacture can tell a consumer that its ok to not properly maintain an item, or that if someone in there home damages it that they would replace it. Something happened in the home to cause this to crack. Accidents do happen but wanting a manufacture to replace a 7 year old item that was damaged recently is quite rediculous. There is not a company around that would replace a 7 year old item, damaged by no fault of the manufacture.

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