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Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2006 at 3:47pm CDT by ae9fc909

Company: Ross Dress for Less /Customer Service.

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Ross Dress for Less

Edgewood Retail District

1255 Caroline Street

Atlanta, GA 30307

On 4/17/2006 I entered the Ross Store in the Edgewood shopping plaza to purchase a few shirts for the summer. After making my selections I went to the front of the store and stood in line with about 5 or 6 other customers. The cashier then called for a price check, to which no one responded, she called again three other times and no one answered. After about 6 minutes in line I went looking for the manager, because at this point there were about 10 people in line and only one cashier at 12 noon on a Monday. After finding the manager, she said she would come to assist. She then stated that she had to count down a drawer before she would be able to assist anyone. As she (Area Supervisor, Neli) counted the register I asked her for the number to the corporate office because the service I was receiving was unacceptable. She then pointed me to a sign sitting next to the door stating, “There should be a number on that sign”. To which I replied, “There is no number on this sign,” it just had a Polaroid of the store manager and an empty space. Neli then stated, “I know it’s here somewhere, I’ll have to check the office”. I then pointed and took a card off of the register and asked, “Is this the corporate store number?” and she replied, “Yeah, that’s it.” I then exited the store and called the number. I called; 1-800-798-4055 and the operator stated that I had reached the “Gift Card activation Line”. I then went back to the store and stated to Neli, the Area Supervisor, that, “This is the number to your gift card activation line”. She then stated, “I thought that was it, the number should be 1-800-Ross Stores.” She then took a piece of a receipt from a register and wrote, “1 800 ROSS STORES”, I stood at the register and dialed, “1-800-767-7786”, which would spell out Ross Stores. The operator stated, “You can reach others by dialing 1800TALKNET” or something to that effect. I advised Neli of this and she just said call the store later she would be there until 7pm and she would give me the number.

I would like for someone to contact this store and do something about the way they treat their patrons. I have advised several friends, family members and workmates not to shop at Ross Stores any longer. Some of them have had similar experiences and refuse to shop in your stores. We will be taking our business to Marshall’s or TJMaxx.


Michaela J. Glaze

Atlanta, GA


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88634baf, 2008-06-30, 12:07AM CDT

Hi Michael:

My shopping experience at Ross store is even horrible than the one you had. I bought a sunglasses at San Leandro, Ross Store in California in June 08. the sunglasses is locked in the jewelery area. The sunglasses did not have a price tag attached on it. The cashier Rebecca needs to make a new tag in order she can scan the price tag for check out. I asked Rebecca to better use the plastic strip to connect the sunglass with the price tag. In case I change my mind and bring it back to return, I will not cause problem. Rebecca said it is ok and it is not necessary. I just need to keep the price tag. One week after, I took the sunglasses back to refund. Rebecca helped me and she said she remember me. However, her supervisor Haythel saying the sunglasses did not attach with the price tag. She can not refund it for me. As I explained to Haythel , Rebecca also claimed that she remember this is the glasses that I bought last week and she did not connect the price tag together. I did not see any reason she refused to do it. Haythel used a very bad language talked to me. I asked for her name, she refused to give it me. I asked Rebecca and Rebecca told me that her name is Haythel. Haythel is not happy about this. She even yelled " Call police, Call the police." . I just walked out the door. After I went back, I called the other Ross at Castro Valley in my neighbor and talked to the manager . His name is Steve. He is so helpful and I bought him the sunglasses the next day with the price tag. He asked understood that that the price tag has no hole on it. That means, it never attached to the sunglasses and he gave me the refund. I tried to follow up with the store manager at San Leandro Ross store. I am not able to reach Jesus. I called the District Manager. She did not respond. I am so upset about the customer service at the San Leandro Ross Store. My family and friends already stopped go to Ross, San Leandro few years ago. It is because of the poor customer services.

1e659726, 2008-10-14, 02:35PM CDT

It's customers like you who make employees so uncaring. Do you have any idea how many complaints a store gets every day? or how about how since there were 10 other customers, maybe the supervisor wanted to help them instead of help you complain. And if the person at the register had been a respectful customer and had done the price check themselves the fiasco wouldn't have started. Lastly, counting down a register is important because cashiers have a life outside of the store, and legally they are done working when their time is up.

5c517407, 2009-06-12, 03:26PM CDT

I am responding to the individual who wrote that ridiculous response to Michaela J. Glaze's complaint. I sure hope you aren't in the retail business! Or for that matter any business that has to deal with other people! That was the most absurd response I've ever heard in my life. I am in retail and I am a cashier and everything you said was ridiculous and anyone that knows what TRUE customer service is, knows that what you said is VERY inaccurate.

Regardless of how many complaints a store gets a day, every customer should be treated with respect and dignity. Apparently you don't know retail because without customers, business doesn't thrive and you can only burn so many bridges before the company has a bad name and is reported to the Better Business Bureau. From experience, if there is a customer problem, the manager should be the one dealing with it, the cashier should be the one ringing the ten people in line. Also, a register can wait to be counted--the customers come first and if the manager doesn't know that and didn't recognize that in the situation then they should be fired. I have been on both sides of the counter so I know what I'm talking about and I back my statements up. Also, its not the customers responsibility to ring a price check--that is a task that the cashier is trained to do quickly and efficiently and if they cannot do that, they need to find another job doing something else. Once again, I really hope you aren't in the retail business because that was the DUMBEST, most unsupported, no good, poorly said response.

eea7a1fb, 2009-07-11, 09:38AM CDT

I have visited that store on several occasions and have been greeted with the upmost respect and care. I have always been a fan of Ross Stores in general. I think that your comment on this store was more personal than professional. You should most definitely re-think how you complain and word your complaints. Just because you have an issue with one store does not mean that all stores are the same. Be smart and concise of your words

0e8d6db0, 2009-08-20, 10:56AM CDT

Lake Charles, LA, August 20 of 2009


Customer Service Management

I want to call your attention to state my most energetic complaint and anger, due to the offensive mistreat suffered by me and my family, from some of the employees of the store Ross, located in 1772 West Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles, LA, the day before yesterday (Aug 18, 2009).

Hereby, I will try to make a brief description of what I consider an insult to our dignity, as follows; las Tuesday, around 8:00 PM, my daughter and my ten-year old niece went into the mentioned store to buy something. At the time they were at the cashier's line, this lady Tangie grabbed my daughter's hands and asked her where she had got those nails polished. At that moment, my daughter thought (she told me later) it was a kind of a compliment, as they both have spent the early evening polishing their nails at home. Tangie conducted them to another place of the store, where it was a big spot of nail polish in a cabinet, then she started accusing them of being polishing their nails with a missing bottle from a opened package a few minutes before. At that moment, another woman Angela showed up and joined to the first one in the same attitude, as my wife witnessed this, she sent my little son for me since I was at the parking lot, when I got in, I noticed they were arguing. My wife was able to probe them that the spot was completely dry, surely this mischief should have done several hours (or days) before. When I asked what was going on, the two ladies said that some customer had pointed the girls as the ones who had made such a mess, then, your employees changed their version and referred to us, that they weren't accusing them of stealing (as the missing bottle had appeared) so, they were just accusing them now, of have made that mess. I requested the girls to tell me the truth, so they both; crying and completely scared denied everything, and of course I endorsed this version. I demanded your employees some proof of their accusation, they just kept stick to the alleged said of a customer, but this time they changed, again, their argument, mentioning that said customer had seen two girls doing that, so they were concerned, since the missing bottle of polish could have been left open, so it might be a potential risk to other children due to its harmful.

Needless to describe the stress and humiliation caused to the girls during all this issue. After this humiliation, we left the store, very upset, but my older son remained for a while to make a purchase, then Angela apparently realized that the supposed witness customer was still in the store, so she came to my son and pointed at an Afro-American woman who was also in the cashier's line before him, as the person who have made the accusation already described, as she was accompanied by a man, this one showing a menacing attitude, stood in front of my son saying -no problem, ok?. My son have to go through a new kind of humiliation and unnecessary confrontation. He referred to have heart the cashier Amber making sarcastic comments related to the good looking of the girls' nails.

As a Mexican citizen, in transit for this region, I inform you that I will share this issue with the Mexican embassy authorities, as I am determined to proceed legally against your company, since I consider this, as an aggression, probably derived from the fact that we were speaking Spanish. The error of one employee is understandable, but the coalition of three employees against a couple of girls must be treated in a different manner.


Benjamin Trelles

Phone in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico (5281) 1099 2655

Temporary phone at Louisiana, LA 1337 855-7372

4747a5dd, 2009-11-29, 11:05PM CST

I had a HORRIBLE experience at Ross today


The store was closing and something caught my eye, the line was pretty long and i figured i would go glance at it and one of the employees came to tell me that the store was closed and i told her that i was aware but i was looking at something and i was going to return to the line. She called a supervisor that told me i HAD to wait in line and I work in retail and i know that by law they are not allowed to "Force" customers into doing anything unless they are disturbing customers, which I wasn't. Then the supervisor kept following me then he finally left me alone for a while and i jumped in line cuz it was starting to shorten up. After two minutes of being in line he came up to me and told me i had to leave the store!!! THAT WAS F***** UP! i have never been disrespected in a store like that! I will return again and i better be treated with respect.

6c677902, 2009-12-21, 11:37PM CST

I am also a custor that was treated bad . I found the numeber to corprate : 1-925-965-4400

Anonymous, 2010-04-01, 04:07PM CDT

I fully understand. What happen to me was discrimination the other way I am not mexican but the manager was mexican. I saw a hand bag it had no price on it and a young mexican gal ask how much it was and was told it was used and returned so it would be 19.99 with 20% off . She did not buy the hand bag so I said I would buy the hand bag. the mexican sale girl said to me she had to check with her manger and the sales girl pointed to me when she was talking to her manager which was also mexican. the price went up to 24.99 with 10% off. Is it store policy that discounts are given to the mexican and us white folks can pay full price. This is not the first time I saw this done. Never to me. I purchase the hand bag and I can not return it as a note on my receipt states. I have shopped a Ross for years.

2680f780, 2010-04-24, 12:14PM CDT

well I have worked in a store like ross before and it is not their fault . what most likely happened was one or more people called in for the day and by noon it got busy and of course Murphys law would make it so a price could not be found at the worst possible time. and you can't just stop counting down a register once you have started even if all the customers get mad because if she stopped counting it then she would have not been able to count it for a long time and then they might run out of change because it is all in that other register. and it is just not good for books to stop counting at a bad time. I just don't know if this is the only bad experience that you have had . If it is then I'm sure that what happened is that one or more people called in and bad things happened because of that and that is not something to get all mad about . If this has happened to you every time you go in there then yeah I would not shop there. You can't judge a place based off of one experience that may have been bad that's all I'm saying.

8dbd58f6, 2010-07-06, 05:47PM CDT

If you want to call the customer serivce and tell them about it here is a number you can reach them at it is 678-357-0471 if you can get a the area you wanted than ask the person for that area you was in

088b85ac, 2011-12-08, 02:12PM CST

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maria s., 2013-09-07, 01:02AM CDT

I used to work at Ross Nogales and it was awful, I got sick on how they treated us, please do somthing with its personnel, specially with manegers they do not work they just give us orders and threaten of firing if we do something wrong, there is a lady Gabriela Hernandez she is an arrogant, stupid and lazy person.. she feels she is perfect and treat employees like shit..she feels she is the owner of the store, why? she makes a lot of mistakes she is human, please have her checked she is not a good employee.

Diana M., 2013-10-01, 01:18PM CDT

On 09/25/13 at 01:31 pm I purchased a seamless cami at Ross in Bend, Oregon. Due to the fact my husband had a Doctors appointment, I opted to try the item on at home after his appointment. On 09/25/13 at 03:37 pm I tried to exchange the clothing for a size larger. I was told I could not exchange the product because the tags were not on it (they were in the bag along with the receipt.) I was told "well, how do we know you haven't had the product for a month or more and worn it?" WHAT? The receipt is in the bag!!! Then, I was told, "How would you feel if you bought an article that someone else had worn?" WHAT? With that I purchased the larger size and asked the weird clerk, "You have dressing rooms, don't you? Well, how many times in a day do you think items are tried on by others over and over and over...?" Since there were approximately 7 or 8 customers waiting in line, over-hearing all of this, I was embarrassed and humiliated by this experience.

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