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Posted on Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 at 12:33am CDT by 9d9d45a9

Company: Cox Communications

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My family has been customers of Cox ever since I can remember. Last June our house burnt down. We had Cox internet and we were renting one of the things that hooks up the cable to the computer for the internet. When we called our local provider and told them what happened I was shocked at the response we got!! They told us that we needed to either produce the box or pay $75 for it. We just lost our house and everything we owned!!! I think that is absolutely rediculous!! What kind of people are we dealing with. It wasn't even like we called the main office a million miles away. Our provider was in the next town. I just could not believe that they would act like that. I just had to laugh at the whole thing because my dad said " well if they want it that bad, then I will go back in the house and dig it out of the ashes, stick it in a box, and send it to their asses!"



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