Motorcycle Purchase, No documents provided.

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Company: Motorcycle Purchase, No documents provided.

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Complaint about AllPro MotorSports and/or Jacar MotorSports

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Motorcycle Dealer

Located in California.

In February this year purchased and paid by Visa Card a Motorcycle, Tank Touring 150.

After a big struggle with the freight company they used to ship, because the shippers had a money problem with them, I was able of receiving the motorcycle in Laredo Texas (as specified address). After that, I have sent numerous faxes, e-mails and made many calls by phone and they never sent me the original invoice (just a fax), never sent the title and never sent the user manual or user guide. The owner of the stores is Ms. Evelyn Acosta (she says it is) is a truly an bad tempered and improper person and non-reasonable in her way of thinking or facing this kind of situations. I LIKE TO GET MY INVOICE, MY TITLE AND MY USER MANUAL OR USER GUIDE.

The motorcycle can not be imported into Mexico because of the lack of those documents.

Thanks much for your help or suggestions.

Francisco Garcia G.

Cartolito, S. A. de C. V.

Palos Altos 130

Col. Urdiales

Monterrey, N. L. 64430


Tel. (+52) (81) 8389-8400 x 118

Fax (+52) (81) 8370-8888




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