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Kmart at Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, California

Do not purchase the KMart Smart Plan Exteneded Warranty Service until you know all the facts about how it works or how it will work for you. The name Smart Plan do not necessarily mean you are smart in buying inot it, it means more like Smart Plan is a smart way for KMart to get more money from you.

If you do not purchase the the Smart Plan you are covered by KMart for 90 days from time of purchase and after that the manufacturer's warranty, usually a year, will kick in.

If your equipment or purchase fails within 90 days, KMart will replace or repair it or refund you.

Now if you purchase the extended warranty SMART Plan, Kmart''s coverage is cut short to only 30 days! Then after that you will have to go to the manufacturer, if the it is less than a year since time of purchase.

Meaning, KMart will not handle anything after 30 days!

So, it is like you are being punished with only 30 days coverage by KMart from time of purchase instead of the regular 90 days, for purchasing the KMart Smart Plan, which by the way will not kick-in till after the manufacturer's warranty.

Before buying into this KMArt Smart Plan, consider the product itself and how you are going to use it. If you are going to use it regularly or daily, ninety days is ample time enought to know whether the product will fail or not. If it fails within ninety days, have a refund. And buy a new item, later with the same free 90 days warranty. A second time failure, then avoid that product, altogether.


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320adac0, 2008-03-18, 01:35PM CDT

Danielle J our cashier informed us that the Smart Plan covers the bicycles we purchased for one year even if they were run over by a car. We wnet over that numerous times prior to purchasing the Plan

I am sure the manufacturer would not cover such a loss, so either Danielle misinformed us or K-Mart does much more than your article suggests.

158de818, 2008-04-19, 09:20PM CDT

I work for a K mart store. First of all there are two smart plans, the replacement plan and the service plan. For items up to $200 you have the option to purchase the replacement plan. Which unlike the manufacturer's warranty that only covers manufacturing defects, this covers normal wear and tear as well as environmental factors, as far as video game discs it actually covers customer abuse. With the replacement plan you can return it to the store for the first 30 days after that you call the 800 number and within two weeks you will receive a check for your purchase price and sales tax. The warranty provider at their discretion may have you send them a plug or some such thing to prove that you can't use it. If you spend over $200 you have the option of purchasing a service plan which will go into effect after the manufacturer's warranty expires. With that if your item breaks it will be repaired up to three times the fourth time you will get a new one. Both plans also cover surge protection which NO manufacture will cover.

d3810db8, 2008-04-20, 10:13AM CDT

i agree but i purchased a proscan flatscreen tv in october and it malfunctioned within same week . i took it back to kmart and bought another one just like it. it has been six months and the picture tube went out in it last night. if i had not purchased the replacement plan i would have been out of $300. i agree with you i will not purchase the same brand again. rose

cba76eab, 2008-06-15, 10:01AM CDT

It buys a portable DVD the 30 of January of 2008 and the same I stop seeing or the screen this totally white and one does not see the films corretamente since I can do so that this request for the repair or the return of the spent money is put under.

it buys the extended guarantee, Smart Plan and I number of the purchase of the plan is 72951500380. I number of the Receipt is 03679 013008 005 83764 The Total of the purchase of the demanded Article was of $113,18 dollars.

Please to indicate me that I must do and to need to communicate with my person please to do it to the following one I number (787) 447-8892 only speaks Spanish.


23fb12ad, 2008-07-17, 09:00PM CDT

This guy is a liar just like the all the guys that work for Kmart. I just spoke to a Smart Plan manager - Amanda - and she explicitly explained that this a "JUST a Manufacturer Defects Warantee!" You better go ask your manager to retrain you.

bbd3462f, 2008-07-26, 10:46PM CDT

I work at National Electronics Warranty, N.E.W. (Which the actually the company you buy the warranty from, not KMART) And it does depend on the price of your product on which plan the store will sell you. If you purchase anything under 200.00, you have no choice but to buy the Replacement plan. If you purchase anything over 200.00, you will have no choice but to buy the Service plan. If you purchase a plan at all the return policy does go from 90 days to 30 days, but I am pretty sure that the store will not take anything back unless it is defective. I.E. No accidental damage and handling, ONLY normal wear and tear. (I do not know this for sure as my company, (the smart plan) is NOT the store, and I have never worked in a Kmart store. If you purchase a Replacement plan you have the option to either go to the store within the first 30 days (providing they can take you product back) or you may call the Manufacturer. After those 30 days you would call the 800 number on the brochure to get a hold of us (the smart plan). Once you call us, providing it is a covered failure (READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS FIRST) we will send a lebal for you to send info and possibly the defective product in, and then it takes 10-15 business days for you to receive a check for the price YOU PAID for the product plus any sales tax applicable in the state of purchase. If you purchased the product on sale we only refund you what you paid for it. With the service plans it has the same return policy of 30 days at the store, only the manufacturer will cover you for the coverage they provide, usually a year, after that. Then once the manufacturer expires the smart plan comes into effect for the period of time you purchased. The only way we will send a check to you to Replace a product covered under the service plan is if: 1) The product cannot be repaired, 2) it costs more to repair the product than what you spent on it, and 3) If you have already had THREE IDENTICAL failures with that product, in which you did file those claims with us. Filing under manufacturers warranty does not count. The manufacturers warranty excludes jewelry service plans as jewelry does not come with a manufacturers warranty, unless its a watch. In this case the smart plan comes into effect after the 30 day return policy. We do not cover any type of accidental damage from handling (this includes GAMES, DVDS, CDS, AND SOFTWARE). I have no idea where the sales rep that commented on here got her information, but I can tell you she did not read the TERMS AND CONDIDTIONS. Everything that is covered and not covered in in there and more. (Terms and conditions are found inside the brochures) So yes before you buy it you should read on it first to see if it is something you feel you should purchase, but my question is this: You are entering into a legal contract with another company, WHY would you not learn more about it before purchasing it? I sure wouldn't sign up for a credit card or any other legal contract without "reading the small print". AND you do have 30 days from the date of purchase to buy it If you call the 800 number and ask us questions, anyone that answers would be more than happy to answer them. It is not the warranty company, or Kmarts fault that customers buy the plan without researching the pros and cons. However I will agree that KMART needs to train their employees better before allowing them to sell the plan because I get so many customers calling in and stating they were told this plan covers everything at the store, and sadly I have to deny them for something that we indeed do not cover. However we are two separate companies so we, at the smart plan, cannot help that the customers are misinformed. And I will be the first to tell you I get angry when I hear this as I feel terrible for the person who has a broken product and calls us thinking that we can help because the store said we can, when we truely cannot. We have to do our jobs too.

2a2c0cee, 2008-10-01, 11:23PM CDT

I work at Kmart and I can tell you, this guy is right. It's a waste of time and money. Don't do it. I'm always supposed to offer it but I don't because its worthless.

b9804f5a, 2008-12-21, 05:19PM CST

the smart plan is the best way to go. it doesnt cut the coverage short from 90 days to 30. and then with a one year replacement plan you get one year and 90 days of coverage.

8fdcd420, 2009-02-10, 05:24PM CST

The main difference between the basic manufacturers warranty and the Kmart Smart Plan or Replacement Plan is convenience.

If you buy something like a TV and it breaks, and you did not buy a Smart Plan, you have to call the manufacturer which means you get to talk to deal with foreign call centers who will then have to arrange to send someone to your house to fix it.

However, if you had bought a Smart Plan, all you have to do is either call the 800 # for Kmart smart plan, or go online and fill out a form, and they send Sears technitian to your house within a couple days to fix it.

Not to mention...the Smart Plan also covers power surges and electrical damage, something the manufacturer warranty won't even touch.

0aff0c0b, 2009-02-12, 02:31PM CST

We were sold this warranty at the register by a clerk who said it covers accidental damage, loss, and even theft. At no point was the necessity to file three claims for failure before the contract is honored ever mentioned, much less was there a 'brochure' with terms and conditions provided to us. We were also told that we had to register the receipt number for this to take effect. I got home and could not find who or where I should go to put this information in. I agree that consumers should be aware, but I do think they need to not sell this warranty without training their clerks better about what is REALLY covered.

39c2a808, 2009-07-13, 06:44PM CDT

The smart plan or protection plan you are referrring to extends it for an additional yesr past the maufacturers warranty. So in essence for a 1 year warranty, it is now 2 years. It also pays for the shipping of the product. there is no out of pocket expense after your purchase.

963f1885, 2009-08-15, 10:00AM CDT


aeb8d29d, 2009-08-23, 06:24PM CDT

i have the smart plan and all of suden when i went to the fair and got on a ride that spins you around my mp3 got shock up and all the songs started playing different songs and now i can even listen to music or watch videos

eb3bd25f, 2009-09-10, 09:27PM CDT

well i have just been had by the same people bought the tv on 3/28/09 and on 9/6/09 it died called twice and they keep on saying that they will send a box to have it shipped to them for repairs and it will be down 4-7 weeks then it gets shipped back to me but no guarante that it will work when i get it back.

72134bd9, 2009-12-03, 11:41PM CST

lies. you know nothing about Kmart, obviously.... on all electronic items purchased in Kmart whether you buy the smart plan OR NOT you have a 30 days maximum for in-store returns. If you do, however, purchase the smart plan you are then allowed 1 year and 30 days to get your money refunded directliy to your home just by calling 1-800-99KMART.

booyakasha bitch.

6f95eceb, 2010-01-14, 03:11PM CST

I also have experienced the same problem with the Smart Plan. My daughter's Ninetendo Ds broke before Christmas and we called to get the replacement. I was told they would email me a shipping label and the infortmation to return. As of today, Jan. 14th, I still haven't received the email. I have heard that if you purchase the WalMart plan, all you have to do is take the receipt and defective item back and the store takes care of it right on site!

58b9096e, 2010-02-06, 01:10PM CST

I bought the smart plan from k-mart on mission blvd., in hayward, ca. The managerthat sold me the tv told me they had a great new plan I could purchase directly and that I would never have to return the tv if it broke down, that it would be replaced or I would be reimbursed. She wrote the phone number for the smart plan on my receipt when I purchased it, I never received a brouchure or any info other than what the manager told me. It broke down after a couple of months and I had to ship the tv off somewhere for repair and now I have no tv. When I went back to the store the manager said I must have misunderstood what she told me. Anorther manager told me usally you never do have to send it back. Another manager told me since I could not get any help from K-mart or smart plan that I should purchase another tv and return it for a refufnd when mine comes back. But they all said there was nothing they could do about it. It seems strange to me that the hard working consumers who shop at k-mart are punished by k-mart. I got the run around from k-mart consumer help desk (ha-ha). and a bigger run around from the smart plan center. I got really fraustrated when they could no longer tell me anything about my tv because they sent it somewhere else for parts. I purchased a brand new tv that broke down within months now I have no tv and return in sight. I learned my lesson never to shop at k-mart

b942d3f6, 2010-03-25, 04:01AM CDT

This is just a recommendation i would like to give you guys. When you go in for the smart plan, ask them about the smart plan and how and what it covers. If they say everything, tell them to explain in details and give them an example. My favorite that i like to give is, well what if my tv takes a crap on me during your smart plan, do i take it somewhere or what. If they do not tell you that they actually send someone to your home to work on the tv from the sears corperation. Then they dont know what their talking about and ask for someone else. Because the way the plan works is when you purchase the plan (and i am using electronics as a draft here no other department), the plan will cover anything that happens to the tv from user wear and tear to accidently throwing the remote through the tv because your favorite team lost. Of course your going to say its an accident and depending on the weaight of the item depends on weither if you ship it out or if they dispatch a repair crew. All repairs on done free at no cost to you what-so-ever, except the box you have to ship it in. Which i just use any box laying around the house and ship my item in that. if a repair man comes to your house and is asking for money to do any work, then tell them they need to call the smart plan and let them explain the terms of the smart plan agreement to the repair man. I am only writting this as a personal user of the smart plan. I did get ripped off a couple times in the past because they used to be too strick on the warranty. But they have actually improved allot upon the last year. And i will have to agree for you to weigh your options on what to get a smart plan for. But when it comes to the electronics. At least try the one year plan for something and try it out. For the Xbox 360 or any game console, i highly recommend the 2 years only because they have fixed my xbox a couple times due to user wear and tear where if i had to go to microsoft, i would have been better off buying a new one.

86f295dc, 2010-07-19, 08:53AM CDT

unfortunately i was suckered into purchasing an extended warranty from kmart for a "kenmore sewingmachine" on the past black friday at the BigKmart on mercury blvd. in Hampton,Virginia. they sent me to sears 6.8 miles down the blvd. to the searsstore;which sent me to a sears repair shop which tried unsuccessfully to repair the item;then misguided me 6.2 miles back to kmart;now all i have is a crappy nonworking kenmore sewingmachine,& a worthless extended warranty that i bought from kmart.can this matter be resolved,or should i alarm local media to ascend upon these properties w/cameras to show america what kind of "marriage BigKmart & Sears really has

88a8c354, 2010-07-20, 09:58AM CDT

The experience with this Plan is horrible! I purchased on Dec. 7, 2009 three products and bought for each one the Smart Plant and know the merchandise does not work and I have been contacting them since March and they do not resolve. DONT BUY THIS PLAN

9caf0b00, 2010-07-21, 07:34PM CDT

attn:Kmart Smart Plan;to Whom it may concern. My name is Mr.G.T.Diggs. on Friday 11/27/09,unfortunately I bought a"Kenmore model 2o/11803"sewing machine from the "Big Kmart Store #3154"located at #210-West mercury blvd.,Hampton,Va.23669 along with a worthless piece of paper called the "smart plan at the cost of $4.99 about three weeks later that machine stopped stitching. I returned it to the same Big Kmart store for either a refund or a replacement.mid-m,gt misguided me to the "Sears store 6.3 miles west in Newport news/Hampton,whom mid-m,gt sent back to Hampton to 3rd entity called "Sears repair center"which sent it to some undisclosed place in another state only to call me to pick the unrepairable sewing so I could again repeat the same cycle all over again with all 3 stores shirking the responsibility of honoring the"Smart Plan. I should have bought $45 worth of generic toilet paper from that "Kmart on Black Friday. is there anyone with enough simple intelligence to resolve such a meager matter at these so called married stores! furiously Mr.Diggs,G.T.

497156c2, 2010-08-22, 10:21AM CDT

This plan should be called a sorry plan

because there is nothing but apology your going to hear when you call 1-800-99kmart.

71f26e4f, 2010-09-13, 05:19PM CDT

yes I did it because I bought a wii game, and there are four months not working and complained about the smart plan of Kmart and they told me they do not have how to have repairs'm waiting for electronic mail and nothing to get a label that would give me right to buy the same amount I spent on the game I wanted, and watched over by a scam that plan where you pay for a year and has no right when it claims

9b7bdbd1, 2010-09-26, 11:12PM CDT

I purchased a television from Kmart and was informed at the time of Purchase that the television had a yr. warranty from the manufacturer and a yr with the extended warranty. NOW THAT WAS NOT THE CASE. I was informed by the extended warranty dept that the television only 3 months from the manufacturer and 1 yr with Kmart. So basically my television was only under warranty until JULY. Than I called the store that I bought it from and a supervisor picked up the phone and I explained the situation and she ADMITTED to me over the phone that they tell all customers that we have a yr warranty with the manufacturer. So than I get on the phone with a store manager and he basically tells me their is nothing he can do for me and he's sorry i was misinformed by the rep that sold me the television and I would have to buy a new one. So i told him about what the supervisor said to me admitting the mistake and he informs me that he doesn't know because he didn't hear the woman tell me that, now i explained to him that I have the woman recorded informing me that so he got very upset and hung up the phone on me... What's wrong Kmart? your upset because your supervisor just admitted fault that Kmart reps are misinformed and they are telling customers the wrong information which can cause A LOT OF KMART'S CUSTOMERS MONEY? So basically I will have to report this to the news stations and hopefully during Christmas time people will rethink purchasing items from Kmart and go to Best Buy or somewhere else where they will not be misinformed and be able to spend their money on warranties that will actually work and their products can be replaced like its suppose to... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER WARRANTY OR ELECTRONIC FROM KMART AGAIN... Also their reps and managers are rude as hell

25e12fa5, 2010-10-01, 03:48PM CDT

they are good

2ab15e35, 2010-12-14, 01:16PM CST

With all the typo's in this article, I was wondering how *smart* someone would be to complain about the *smart* plan. I doubt the same *smart* person can read and understand the policy.

The words "extended warranty" mean that this policy kicks in AFTER the factory warranty expires. If the factory warranty is for one year, then a one year "extended warranty" would cover the *2nd year* AFTER the factory period expired (month 13-24). They do not run concurrent. Don't feel too bad, the news media had this wrong also.

The "Replacement Plan" replaces the item at their cost without regards to the factory "warranty" which usually just offers to fix it if you ship it back to them. They just ship you a new one in the box.

I bought a chain saw at a managers closeout price; about 70% off. When it kept throwing chains and I took it in to get the bar replaced, they took my saw and sent me with a voucher to the main Sears warehouse and gave me a *new* saw in the box. This was a 2 year extended warranty service. No questions; no problems; no hassle.

Here's something i did not know. Last night the news had a spot talking about this very subject. They said you do not have to buy a plan at the check out counter. Ask for the pamphlet and ask how long you have to purchase the plan. They will tell you (usually it is State law you have 30 days to sign up. Not in all states though). Take the reciept home and go on the Internet and read the policy in full to see if the plan is right for you.

There are warranty company's that will sell you a service/replacement policy for much less. For example, I got my cousin a laptop and the store wanted $100 for a three year warranty. There is a camera company that sells service warranty's for $55 for 3 years. They are very reputable companies.

Most stores will tell you "I'm sorry, you bought that on clearance, there is no return". Not Sears, ALL their products are covered. Since Sears merged with K-Mart I find it a better over all store.

In fact, the only thing that upsets me about the new stores is that they took out the snack bar! Now *THAT'S* Un-American LOL. Sitting and eating a bad hot dog and having a flat movie theater cola has always been a part of the K-Mart shopping experience. Even Grant's and Woolworth's had soda fountains inside their stores and look what happened to them when they took them out :p

If you want to make a complaint against a store, you should try picking a tangible topic, not your trumped up fantasy based on your misunderstanding of the C/S personnel on the phone.

57edd353, 2010-12-31, 05:43AM CST

The REPLACEMENT plan coverage (not available for items over $200) starts on the thirty-first day after purchase and is effective for (in my case one year) one or two years from the date coverage starts. It can run concurrent with a factory warranty, in witch case your claim will be denied and you will be instructed to contact the manufacturer. It's a pretty sweet deal for "Smart Plan" in the event that your product carries a one year factory warranty. K-Mart covers the first thirty days, then the factory warranty covers it for the next eleven months. My "Smart Plan" only has to cover my purchase for thirty days at the end of the factory warranty. If you buy the SERVICE plan instead of the REPLACEMENT plan, your coverage starts at the end of the factory warranty and is effective for the term of the plan you purchased (one or two years). The pamphlet is a little confusing if your not used to reading contracts such as these (legal contracts I believe), but if I can do it then just about anyone can.

0a278492, 2011-01-27, 03:59PM CST

I bought the smart plan for my daughters nintendo ds lite. When it was purchased I was told by a Kmart employee that the manufacturers warranty is for 1 year and this picks up after that. So in essence the warranty should be for 2 years. When I tried to use the warranty I was then told that it was good from 30 days after the purchase date and that the warranty I had was no good. So basically I was a sucker and spent money on something that wasn't worth anything. I am sitting here thinking of all the people who have purchased this plan and take that times the amount of the plans. Then add in to the mixture them not having to pay out anything. This company is making millions on peoples stupidity. If I had the money to hire a lawyer to deal with this I would. I have a feeling that a lot of people would get their money back or their product fixed or replaced. This company is a scam!!

a3e5b81d, 2011-02-12, 05:43PM CST

I just purchased a "smart plan" at Kmart without asking for it, wanting it, or knowing about it. The total seemed a little high, so I checked the receipt.

It's not worth the $2.99 price to take it back, but I'll examine the receipt at the register if I ever go back to Kmart. (Nice corporate move to slow down their checkout line.)

What IS worth following up is the big picture. Scamming has become a major U.S. industry (possible THE major industry, if you include financial fraud). It was always bad, but not as bad as it is now.

64bd5991, 2011-06-12, 03:04PM CDT

I purchased a Kenmore Microwave, on 5/25/10 and on 6/10/11 it stoped working. it has only been approx 13 months. It was purchased at Kmart, store 3286 the upc number is 02316911710 model number 72166222

42154273, 2011-08-01, 02:34PM CDT

Yeah so I package my item, pay for the packaging ink and paper for all the "evidence" they need sent it in over three and a half months ago, called just today talked to a nice man "SHOCKING" and am "supposed" to receive my return in the next few days. my LARGE item never got processed not to mention a really ticked of six yr old that his Christmas toy will have to be re bought.. In August?... Bite it Kmart NEVER again.

080f96fe, 2011-12-15, 11:57AM CST

I bought a microwave 3 months ago and made the mistake of purchasing their "smart plan". The microwave broke down and when I tried to file a claim, I was denied. What a rip-off!!! Kmarts has lost my business. If you buy a microwave at walmarts, they give you a year to return it and you can take it to the store.

861ff564, 2012-03-02, 03:14PM CST

I bought my wedding set through k mart because i feel in love with it there, i only have it 1 1/2 my warranty expired 3 months ago within that time frame i had to send it back once already they sent me a check because they thought that they had failed to send me my ring . i was honest enough to call and have the check voided but now my entire engagment ring has broken off no diamend just a plain band with a whole in the center and i am out of my centimental band that iv had through my marriage and the ring i wore when i had my first child and now im also out because they are not going to replace or reembure me because it expired 3 monghs ago.. abviously the product was defective because i lost a diamond in august of last year and had to have a repair so this is for anyone please do but anything from there you dont want to loss anything that speacial because a company is tooo selfish and has poor quality

deb87394, 2012-03-08, 05:36PM CST

I purchased a TV about a year ago and got the Smart Plan for 2yrs after Manufactures Warranty expired. Well the TV started doing crazy things right after the Manufactures Warranty expired,(imagine that)so I called number provided and was sent a box to send it for repair. I received a call today saying that they could not work on it because there was an unpleasent odor they said was coming from my TV and they were sending it back to me untouched. I was never told that an odor, that I did not detect when I shipped it, was a valid reason not to repair my TV. I'm done with KMART and their cheating ways. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS so called SMART PLAN EXTENDED WARRANTY that KMART uses to rip of their customers.

Mike S., 2012-08-08, 11:53AM CDT

I was impressed and well informed reading all the reviews and experiences of those offering invaluable feedback.


9188e743, 2012-09-02, 01:44AM CDT

I have purchased the smart plan ($29.99) for the Acer AspireOne ($279.99). Of course, the Acer wasn't used until the seventh week and then it crashed. I called Kmart and was informed that I needed to call the Smart Plan since it was over 30 days. I tried multiple times to reach a person to define what I needed to do. Finally, I reached a customer rep but then I was informed to call Acer. Acer tried to repair over the phone but eventually agreed it was a hardware problem. I was sent an email with instructions on how to package and mail to the factory. This packaging cost was $50.00. It took a month before it was returned. I carefully unpacked the Acer and tried it out. I found that the Acer technicians removed and re-installed the hard drive. NO PROGRAMS! So, now the need was to get a local technician to install all the programs. BIG MONEY involved! Well, the next time it was to be used, the hard drive crashed again. This time though I was instructed by Acer the original warranty time expired. The cost to repair was by the hour ($275.00) plus parts. EURIKA! I recalled I have the Smart Plan purchase. So, I have been trying for about 3 weeks to reach their Customer Service in the time posted on the site plus by their email contact form that is to be answered within 24 to 48 hours. TODAY, I CALLED KMART STORE MANAGER. I explained all of the above. I haven't been able to use the Acer. I still have the original receipt, boxing, paperwork from Acer and the broken Acer. I NEED TO REPLACE THIS ITEM OR REFUND MY MONEY. At this time, the store manager is taking over since all I keep getting is NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED. After reading everyone's reviews, I feel I am fighting a lost cause. At this point, I wouldn't ever buy another Acer nor would I consider buying the Smart Plan. IT IS FRUSTRATING AND USELESS TO PURCHASE THE SMART PLAN WARRANTY! This run around has been going on for 1 year plus 3 months.

974b23ec, 2013-06-20, 02:23AM CDT

Seems very confusing and people have quite different interpretations. It would be nice if the "policy" were written in simple English, normal print and perhaps point or bullet format.

Personally I have had good experience at Kmart when packaged items (furniture, vacuum cleaner) were missing parts they would try to find one on the floor and let me have that rather then then tedium of working and waiting for the mainland company to send it out.

05d96c2d, 2013-12-30, 10:47AM CST

I will never PURCHASE anything from KMART again that I may need a warranty on. I purchased a tablet in Fay NC KMART for my son in Feb 2013. They asked me did I want to receive an E-receipt and of course I said yes because I knew I would not keep up with it. Being that I save all my important email I knew it would be best. So here is goes Nov 2013 my sons tablet stopped charging so I needed to file a claim. I went to look for the E-receipt and nothing. I called the KMART in Fay NC and they kept telling me it was nothing they could do. I was able to pull up my rewards and purchases online. it showed the date, the item, the amount and the store I got it from but that was not enough for them. So, finally I spoke to someone from the "Insurance dept." at 855-445-6278 and the lady seemed to have helped me she explained that since I was able to give her all the information needed to process a claim she would do so even if I did not have my receipt. She told me she would be sending me a shipping label for UPS to my email and to mail off the tablet and within 5 days I would have my gift card. Well being excited that I was finally able to be helped in some manner I didn't take a name and I didn't know to ask for a location. I didn't even know I would need a claim # or case #. Why? Because I gave her my name, number, email, shop your way rewards number etc.. About a week goes by and nothing so I contact them back and first they can't locate me, no previous call or nothing. then after almost an hour they say they tried to call me but no answer that I needed to turn in a receipt or nothing could be done for me. So, I called my local KMART again and I was just told that everyone is so busy it would be better for me to just come there. I ended up going and speaking with the manager and gave her all the same previous information and she printed out a copy of my receipt. I called the 855-445-6278 number and they instructed me to FAX it to their nsstonline dept. So I did and I got a fax confirmation. I was told once they received it I would be contacted in 24hrs. Well, they act like they didn't I say just bad customer service! Cause I never got a call and it was not almost 72 hrs. I called and spoke to a Gonzales chick and she put me through the ringer once again. could not find my name, number, email, I even gave her a case number this time and she was putting in a as a claim number so she couldn't find it so for the third or fourth time I had to explain all that had taken place. Finally she goes out the blue "oh I found it we just got the fax and it is in the claims dept. now" so im like oh really just that fast. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she kept putting me off by saying "oh your claim is being processed" I said ok that is fine but I still want to speak to a supervisor and she proceeded to keep putting me off. she would ask if she could put me on a 2-3 min hold and come back with other mess. I was soooooooo aggravated and upset. So I hung up on her and called back. I had to explain all over again what took place (#5) and Ms. Phyllis tells me oh I am in the system now and it looks like a lady named Gonzales is doing your claim. So then I get a claim number and immediately get an email with the shipping label and I immediately mail it off which it is now Dec 19-21. Here it goes on Dec 30th I called to check on my claim and they tell me UPS is due to ship it today and then it will be processed. I think they are poor in following through. No good customer service and only to learn that every time you call that 1-855 number you get a different portal. it seems to me that their information and systems are off or maybe its their people. I know the holidays were here but this is why there is no excuse. My other son had a table too from WAL-MART and it was cracked and I had a 2yr warranty on it. I mailed them the same day went through no trouble getting what I needed. I mailed the WAL-MART tablet on the same day they sent me my confirmation on the 24th and I had an electronic gift certificate of the full amount on the same day they received it and I was able to order my sons tablet online that day and I received UPS the day after Christmas and I was not suppose to get it until Jan 3, 2014. WAL-MARTS turn around is 24 hrs and that is who will get my business for now on.....

LaVerne S., 2014-01-17, 08:46AM CST


Glenn G., 2014-01-30, 10:48PM CST

When i was younger KMART was a very good place to shop for almost anything, not so any more!!! I bought an air mattress and it would not hold the air which is the whole idea !!!

I am currently disabled and suffering with cancer, i finelly got a ride to return the mattress under 30 days with the receipt to no avail, customer service at the Toms river n.j.

store refused to refund the money, and were very rude. With this kind of service of customers

i can really see KMART out of biz someday !!! I do know one thing, i will tell as many people that will listen about this (word of mouth) well lets see. I also see alot of KMART store and customer service complaints online, WOW in this day and age, KMART should take heed, very shameful KMART !!! I FOR ONE VOW TO NEVER SHOP KMART EVER AGAIN AS WELL AS MY FAMILY !!!

83956ff7, 2014-03-25, 05:04PM CDT

Definitely a waste of money! ! My advice fight the crowds at "Wally World"or spend a little more some where else! I will never waste money at Kmart again. I've been dealing with their SMART PLAN since Jan! The woman I spoke to assured me there wouldn't be a problem returning my defected DVD player, since I was on my second one and it's a defect with the player and not something I did. Well today I received a huge surprise from the ups man, my broken DVD player and a sweet note that it had been denied. So now I'm stuck with a useless DVD player. Like I said don't even bother with this crappy plan it's just a money scheme! I can see why so many kmarts have closed!

Rony K., 2014-08-29, 04:48PM CDT

I am a cashier at Kmart, and your description of the Kmart Smart Plan is incorrect. Kmart has a return policy, where electronics, jewelry, and other specific items can be returned within 30 days with or without the Smart Plan, while other products (groceries, apparel, etc.) can be returned within 90 days. The Kmart Smart Plan basically extends the return policy on the eligible product (anything with a 30 day return guarantee) to 1 year or 2 years, whichever you wish. The Smart Plan also covers many things, even damages and wear & tear, which manufacturers don't cover. The reason why it's called "Smart" is because it covers and guarantees your product for even the slightest accident.

Anya V., 2014-11-24, 10:11PM CST

How do i register my television

Anya V., 2014-11-24, 10:12PM CST

How do i register my television

Rony K., 2014-11-24, 10:43PM CST

Anya V., if you purchased the Smart Plan, visit, create an account (if you haven't done so already), and click on "Register New Contract". From there, you will be asked to enter the 10/11 digit number at the bottom of your receipt. Please refer to that, and after 30 days, the plan will go into effect. If you do not have access to a computer, you may contact 1-855-44-Kmart and they will assist you in activating your Smart Plan for your television. Good luck!

William S., 2015-01-15, 01:57PM CST

I purchased a 2 year replacement and service smart plan only to find out that neither the Westinghouse TV warranty nor the K smart plan will cover an accidentally broken flat screen. The screen was damaged in an accident. This means that I am now out over $350.00 with nowhere to turn. WHAT IS THE PORPOUSE OF BUYING THE WARRANTY THEN

56478682, 2015-07-09, 07:15PM CDT


b6d43b40, 2015-08-19, 04:47PM CDT

my name is marie kenote i purchased a mini bike (motorized bike) here in fort myers florida last christmas for my son and it has stop running a while back i bought a extended warranty but cant seem to find it is there any way for you to send it to me so i can get this fixed or can i go to the store to have them look up my paper work

18cd07a5, 2015-11-21, 01:00AM CST

I have probably a more frustrating experience that has lasted 3 days now and is still ongoing. I purchased an RCA "50 LED TV from K-Mart in July of 2014. Just three days ago, I came home from a busy day to relax and watch a little TV. I attempt to turn on my television to no avail. The darn thing will not turn on. I, then, look for my receipt for the TV so that I can call about the 2 yr. service agreement that I purchased when I bought the TV. I find the receipt only to find that print on the receipt has faded overtime and has become illegible. I contact K-Mart to figure out my next step. I was told to call the amazing people at Shop Your Way Rewards to get the transaction number from the receipt so that I can register the television and schedule a service repair appointment. I did so. Let me express that the Shop Your Way Rewards staff is the only people in this situation that I am overall satisfied with. Anyway, I contact K-Mart with the information from the receipt. They, supposedly, register my television so that I may set up a service repair appointment and then transfers my call to Sears Service and Repair. I give Sears all the information they requested from me and they tell me that the next available appointment would be December 10th between 1:00-5:00 pm. Sears, then, goes on to say that I would be charged a $99 diagnostic fee that would go toward the price of repairs if I decide to allow their technician to repair it. I express that I should not have to pay this because I purchased a service agreement when I purchased the TV. They told me the TV did not have a service agreement on it. I stated again that I purchased the agreement when I purchased the TV. I was then told it may have expired. I explained that it was a 2 yr. service agreement and I have only had the TV for 1 yr. and 4 mos. I was then told that there is nothing they could do on there end. I would have to speak to K-Mart again. I was then transferred to K-Mart, acknowledges that I have a service agreement and transfers me back to Sears. Sears once again says I have no service agreement. I call the absolutely amazing people at Shop Your Way Rewards because they have the transaction information, who calls K-Mart for me to try to get this situation resolved. She explains my situation to the K-Mart representative, then acknowledges that I have a service agreement that I purchased for my TV and says that she would handle things from there. I wonderful representative from Shop Your Way Rewards then disconnected from the call believing I was in good hands. The K-Mart representative then said she would contact Sears while I waited. I was placed on hold and then transferred to Sears to handle things myself once again. And once again, Sears has no record of a service agreement. I once again contact the people I have come to rely on at Shop Your Way Rewards. The representative who answered my call this time speaks to her supervisor about my situation to get advice on how to help me. The supervisor suggests that she speak to Sears herself to make sure that things are handle. The does as suggested and is given the same runaround that I am. Sears then gives her a number to call to resolve the service issue. When she contacts the number, it was to a business that does service TV's, but has no affiliation with K-Mart or their service agreements. She once again speaks to her supervisor for more advice. The supervisor takes over the call with me and apologizes for what I have been going through, but there is nothing more she can do on her end, which I understand. She is more than frustrated with the way this is turning out and has suggested that I go to my local K-Mart and speak with the Store Manager to see if there is anyway he can resolve this issue. In this very long story I decided not to include the many times I was hung up on by both K-Mart and Sears or the extremely long hold times I had to endure or the times that K-Mart's offices closed an hour early and I had to wait until the following day to try again. I will be on my way to my local K-Mart in just a moment to probably be told that there is nothing that can be done for me. I went to see the store manager of my local K-Mart to find that not much could be done at store level (I already knew that). When I got home, I called K-Mart's service agreement department again. They once again took my information, stated that they saw my service agreement purchase on their end and transferred me to Sears. Sears once again told me that they have no record of a service agreement and I would have to pay for my TV repair. I got off of the phone with them, and once again called K-Mart's service agreement department and demanded a full refund for the purchase price of my TV and the tax. Suddenly, things took a different turn. Problems began being resolved. Apparently, after 3 days of back and forth over the phone, someone finally realized that information was not properly entered into the computer and that is why Sears did not see my service agreement on their end. Suddenly, everything is fixed and I have been set up with a service/repair appointment that I do not have to pay for. I would love to say I feel better, but this was really just way too much for one person to go through for too many days.

joel e., 2016-02-09, 03:27PM CST

Getting an extended insurance should you read all the guidelines and regulations. I like to get third party insurance company like for any of my purchase if they allow.

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