General Electric PSC23NGPBWW Side by Side Refrigerator

Posted on Monday, May 29th, 2006 at 9:35am CDT by c1ada5cf

Company: General Electric PSC23NGPBWW Side by Side Refrigerator

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I purchased a side by side refrigerator from Clark's Appliance, 9840 North Michigan Road, Carmel, Indiana 46032, on September 21, 2004. The Ice Maker has never worked right since it was delivered. Clark's Appliance made two service calls 5/17/05 and 5/27/05 to try to fix the problem......but could not. They then sent their service manager (Brendon) who tried to fix it --- and he replaced the ice maker part........but this did not fix it either. I called Clark Appliance again and they referred me to the GE 1-800-626-2224. They came on 6/28/05 and replaced the ice maker part .....but it still did not work. I called (with much frustration) again the GE 1-800 number and they came on 11/16/05 and replaced the ice maker part again----but it still did not work.

The problem is that the ice maker makes some ice cubes ----but has never filled the ice basket......and when I try to fill a couple glasses with ice grinds and grinds ....and only a few ice cubes come out into the glass. It's very frustrating to have company and try to put ice into their glasses from my new GE refrigerator..... while they stand there and watch.

I have always been a GE customer but will not be in the future. I feel that something should be done to correct this.

Thank you,

Mary Jane Burris

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c6850041, 2010-02-03, 07:18PM CST

I am also very upset w/ Ge and will not buy their product anymore,i used to.I payed$2500 for a refrigerator w/botton freezer,after year n half the fridge started to rust..and they refused to do anything about it saying its cosmetic..I called them several time and i just gave up..i tryed to explained to them.

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