Carr's Honda Used Car Purchase

Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2006 at 3:13am CDT by d5174b39

Company: Carr's Honda Used Car Purchase

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Carr's Honda

6600 N. Western Ave.

Chicago,IL 60645

On May 25, 2006, I was driving to Carr's Honda to view a used car advertised on-line. However, upon arrival I was informed by the saleman that the car was sold. He took my family across the street to view other used cars available for sale. I test drove a Infinity I30, which wasn't clean and not check out but appeared to drive fine. I questioned why the mileage was different and request the carfax report. Based on the report the car should have been in good condition. The saleman and used car manager assured me that the car would be clean as new and check out and detailed before I would receive the car if I purchased it. I agreed to purchase the vehicle and signed the paperwork and paid a deposit for pick-up the following day. However, in the inspection it appeared some repair was in order and I was asked to pick up the vehicle late the following day with final payment, I agreed. May 26, appx. 6:15pm I arrived for pick-up however the car was not ready and I waited an additional hour and a half. The car was gased and test driven by the service dept. Then I was given the car, I immediately drove home and parked the car due to my hausting day. Next day,Saturday, May 27 at appx. 7:15 am, I get into the car for the expressway when the engine light comes on appx. 5 mi. into the trip and I hear a scraping noise on the passager side of the car. I immediately think "brake issue", but I'm more concerned about the "check engine" light and try to hurry off the expressway to my destination and found time to contact the dealership at appx. 1:30pm. I spoke with Fred, the manager regarding the issues and was told to bring it in on Monday, May 29th because the mechanic that work on my car wasn't there and he wanted the same mechanic to look at the problem. I'm currently 45 miles away from home and very nervous since I have know ideal why I would have to wait for a specific mechanic. Since I would be stranded at this point and no way of getting a rental,I finished my day and look for some option to let me know how serious of a problem I was dealing with. I finally get close to Carr's Honda when the noises become louder, I spot an open Nissan dealership to get the car checked out before it stopped completely. At appx. 2:30 pm, I was given a list from the computer reported problems. I was totally shocked at the causes since Carr's Service Dept. was supposed to have checked out the condition of the car. The problem was an O2 sensor & kit, which they could have repaired for about $300, but would cost me $800 with labor to repair. And the brake noise was due to aftermarket brake pad installation at a labor cost of $95 to adjust the brake plate from rubbing against the rotor, in which they could have adjusted free. I ask the Nissan dealership how is it possible to miss these reports if it was check last night? The reply was only if the computer was cleared, but with the problem still there the computer will generate another report. Since I had to get home I paid for the work to be done and immediately went to Carr's Honda with the report and bill. Upon exiting the car in the service parking area I walk by and greet the mechanic that Fred stated wasn't available. I immediately go to Fred and the saleman and present the bill with the listed issues. I asked how was it possible they did not see these problems which could saved almost $500 in labor fees. Fred stated their computers are not set-up for Infinity's only Honda. I ask what could be done about this since the total bill was $895, he asked "is the car running good?", then ask if he could shake my hand and extend his hand toward me. No offer to even reimburse for some of the expense on the car. I was angry and tired stating I judged them on how I'm being treated and will never purchase from them again. I didn't make a scene and got into the car and left. So within 15hrs of a purchase, I had to fund another $900 just to get home. This was the worst dealership I have ever dealt with. No quality dealership would ever leave a customer with such an expense without trying to work out something. No one is saying I'm wrong, just simply ignoring me as if I'm just going to go away, which also won't happen. I will be contacting the authorities regarding this transaction.



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