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Posted on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 at 10:24am CDT by 6c8b1ca6

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One of my children saw an ad on tv .. ( Comcast Cable Channel 3 (5/26/06) ) which stated that Sticks 'n Stuff was going out of business and was selling ALL five piece bed sets at $510 and ALL colors and styles of sofas at $310 ... no mention anywhere in the ad of specific items or a limited number of items.. So we jumped into the car and drove to a Sticks 'n Stuff here in Jacksonville, Florida on Walgreens Road or Drive... ( Northside of town ). When we entered , a woman greeted us and when we saw NO signs of going out of business signs or anything even remotely related to the advertisement on tv... we mentioned to her about the ad. She claimed she knew nothing about the company going out of business... and knew nothing about any ads for $310 sofas or $510 dollar five piece bedrooms sets ... in all.. she knew nothing but would we like to see all the other items in the store. We left purchasing nothing since I can't stand being baited and switched.

Later the same day, on the same channel, the advertisment was aired twice more that we actually saw... those times..NO mention in the same ad of going out of business.. but the same ad continued with ALL sofas @ $310 any style , any color .... and ALL five piece bedrooms sets @ $510 .. NOT ONE TIME during these ads was there any small print describing that only certain items were on sale ... or that only the models shown were on sale.. just that ALL of the sofas and ALL of the five piece bedroom sets were on sale for the aforementioned prices.

So.. having been successfully baited and switched ( I HATE THAT! ) one time and having wasted alot of gasoline going to Golfair from our house... I called all of the local stores for Sticks 'n Stuff here in Jacksonville, Florida. Guess what. You guessed it. I was either put on hold while someone who denied there was any such ad that they knew of ( yeah sure ) ostensibly went to fetch their parent company's address for me ( They never came back on the phone..just left me on hold for awhile ), or was told the ad was ONLY for the pictured items even if the words did say ALL and not some. So.. I mentioned then that since this was false advertising and I take a dim view of that and so does the Florida Attorney Generals Office .. I hung up on the last guy I spoke to since he was the one who told me he refused to give me the parent companys address etc. ( Orange Park store ) and that the ad was only for the items in the picture AND that they didn't have any of those items in stock anyway! HAHAHA!

I looked this "company" up. They seem to have a record of some sort of being sued for this same sort of thing in other states as well.

God bless you all up there in Complaints Land.


3d7514c5, 2009-01-03, 09:35AM CST

It Happen to me too. A friend of mine had sent me an email telling me they were having to rent an apt and move out of their rental house because her husband was loosing his job from Sticks and Stuff that they were going out of buisness. I went to the one in Orange Park sign in the window stated going out of business, I felt that I hit the jackpot and was going to get a discount on much needed furniture since our home burned down and we lost ( EVERYTHING ) including our family pets... I go inside and the man tells me that the Beach Blvd store was the only one going out of business, I called my friend and told her not to worry that her husband would not lose his job it was only Beach Blvd and then that very night same thing for me, saw it on tv (ALL) Sticks and Stuffs Furn going out of business. Wow! what lengths do companies like this go to for a sale? I was very upset as getting my hopes up that I too could buy a bedroom set for a very reasonable price. I feel sorry for the employees and their families but not the big bosses that don't give a damn about the people and their employees...

68a42697, 2009-12-31, 08:22AM CST

When I was in my twenties I bought a sofa from this place, and had no problems at all. It was a cute sofa for the price. They sell very inexpensive furniture, and you get what you pay for. To me that includes service, and ads that show furniture that may not be in stock. Quite a few furniture stores do not have items in stock. It takes weeks for delivery. So I'm not sure what you are complaining about. If you want more go to a more expensive place.

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