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Posted on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 at 3:21pm CDT by 1b08eff1

Company: CSS Products/Donnie Stanfield

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Below is what I know about CSS Products.

CSS Products/Donnie Stanfield supposedly has been in business for 31 years, but no where on the internet can you find any information about his business except for a TV excerpt from Michael Holigen's Home Improvement show, a local show in the Dallas TX area. Donnie claims this is HIS National TV show, that it can be aired anywhere. That is not true.

He also claims that someone stole his domain name of Flame Busters (a fire retardant product he manufactures and sells, one of 13 "non hazardous" products he manufactures). His website is invalid as he also claims that his former website host "went out of business and didn't tell him".

He "brags" about all the finer things in life he owns, such as 2 Hummers, one being a utility hummer, a diesel pickup, 5 bedroom home, with 6 car garage, a 62" ft houseboat, 250 head of cattle, $10,000 worth of mountain bikes, a Harley motorcycle, a powered parachute, just to name a few. The man can't even pay $9.95 a month to have someone host his website (twice his echecks failed!).

Both his mobile numbers are now disconnected: 214-416-7334 and 877-630-2196.

He also claims he has a bank account that not even the IRS can get into. Wow, how can that be unless it's a offshore Swiss bank account.

He told me that he would pay me referral commissions for helping him find people to join his business. I sent him many referrals and not one dime have I seen. He wanted to do "bank to bank" transfers on my commissions too. I contacted NASCAR corporation and had him follow up; he did and when I contacted NASCAR back, they informed me that they thought he was very unprofessional and wasn't interested, BUT Donnie is still claiming that he has the account and he promised that I'd get $134,000 commission! He also brags that they are giving him free pit passes to any track in the usa and personal names, addresses and phone numbers of ALL the drivers. All lies, according to the Patent Attorney for Nascar!

Af of today's date of May 26, 2006, Donnie has disappeared, doesnt' answer emails, and has completely ignored any communication. The man is a liar, a braggart and also comes in Yahoo chat rooms calling everyone "fags" and other names.

I certainly wouldn't do business with such a person, and I went back and emailed all the people I referred to him and told them he's not trustworthy or honest. I want nothing to do with this person OR his business, and neither should anyone else!

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74f2e67f, 2008-10-07, 08:21PM CDT

I wanted to add a new update on Donnie Stanfield. He has been documented calling a family member and making threatening comments about me since I reported him for fraud. This has been going on for about 6 months now off and on. He blocks his calls, but the family member recognizes his voice. The family member has documented all his calls, as they say Donnie sounds "drunk", when he makes these threats, and the few times I had spoke with Donnie, he does, indeed, sound drunk most of the time. The police have advised to document all his calls. He best be aware, that he is being investigated for harassment AND threats. This man is desperate and should be trusted!

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