Sprinkle Thin

Posted on Friday, May 26th, 2006 at 8:26pm CDT by b7cca27e

Company: Sprinkle Thin

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Sprinkle Thin AKA IMX Increase Your Health

8500 Higuera St

Culver City CA 90232


Company sell a product called Sprinkle Thin. They offer it with a 30 day trial, but be very careful as their 30 day trial starts when they ship it, not when the customer receives it.

I did attempt to contact the company via email within 30 days from the date they shipped the product, however they did not respond. My reason for contacting them at this time was a serious medical problem which required immediate surgery. We knew due to medical restrictions following the surgery that we would not be able to give their product a fair trial. When I had waited and checked email for a response, without getting one, I finally called their 800 number and was told to go to a web site to get an RMA. I did this and returned their product brand new and unopened.

They refuse to refund a charge they made to my credit card in the amount of $147.00. Further, the credit card company (CitiBank) was unable to help even though they were provided ample documentation.

The company is saying the product had to be returned within the 30 day trial period, which is not a 30 day trial period but more like a 20 day period due to shipping time.

Since the company has their product returned in brand new and unopened condition they should refund this money.


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