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Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 at 6:27pm CDT by 343d70fb

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It has been quite a while since I posted that message. In the several weeks interim, GE did send out a repairman to install a new glass door to replace the one that shattered. So far so good....... I was disappointed that it took ten days without the use of the oven on my brand-new range before GE managed to get a repairman and the replacement glass to my home; however, I am a a consumer activist when I purchase a less-than-satisfactory product or service and so I believe that keeping the pressure on GE from various angles helped to accomplish the necessary warranty repair.

The repairman did show my husband that the glass door on my model of stove actually has 4 panels, supposedly making it impossible for any shattered glass to be projected out into the room. Perhaps GE has improved the design ?(since I read of others who said their shattered glass oven doors did project out into their kitchens in some instances)

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20107457, 2008-11-27, 08:48PM CST

I came home this evening only to find that my glass in the oven door had shattered after/during the self cleaning cycle being used. the glass did shatter outward from what I see in the glass patter

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