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Back in the spring of 2005, I saw a Hershey's promotion for vintage t-shirts. I believe that Carrie Underwood was the spokesperson for the promotion.

In July of 2005, I mailed the appropriate number of wrappers, along with a check, for three (3) t-shirts. In October 2005 my check was cashed.

In November 2005, I moved from Colorado to Wisconsin. I called Hershey's, since I had not received my t-shirts. I provided them with my new mailing address.

It is now May 22, 2005. I have YET to receive the t-shirts. I have called Hershey's numerous times (at 800-468-1714); I've spoken with Cindy, Sandy, Sharon, Kathy, and at least 2 others. Each time I'm told that "due to overwhelming demand", blah, blah, blah. I sent for those t-shirts almost a year ago. I believe that there's some type of law that says that if a company takes your money, they must provide you with the goods/services within a certain period of time. All I've gotten, to date, from Hershey's is a couple of coupons for their products. Big hairy deal!

My reference number for Hershey's is 4898002A. I ordered the following:

Almond Joy t-shirt, size M

York Peppermint Patty t-shirt, size M

Hershey bar t-shirt, size M

Hershey's now has the gall to have more promotions running when they can't even fulfill their previous promotions. I want my t-shirts, and I want them now. It shouldn't take almost a year for a company to send me what I paid for!

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