GE? Never again

Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2006 at 10:01am CDT by 6cf3b853

Company: GE? Never again

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I fully agree with all reports posted about GE appliances on

We had a rangetop-microwave that came with the home we bought which was there for 11 years and we used it without problems for 8 more. However, because it was old and we had this urge to replace it at the first sign of any issue with it, we did, alas we replaced it with a JVM1650SH rangetop-microwave from Homedepot. This was noisy from day one when in use. Homedepot refused to take it back or replace it with a different one though we contacted them with this issue only two days after installation. But later, one sensible Homedepot salesperson, came and replaced it with another of the same model. This one had misbehaved on and off but now, less than a year after the installation, this second GE microwave, stops suddenly during operation. Restarting involve entering time and date at which we got very good at now. But the frequency of failure now is so high that returns are diminishing. The cruelly funny irony is - whenever it stops suddenly, it displays the following "GE - we bring good things to life" I feel like laughing and crying in concert. I have called GE-repair that may come and repair it but the warranty expires soon and then I am on my own.

I keep thinking about the difference in quality of the 20-year old one we had and this new GE piece of junk. We have a GE cleansteel refrigerator which is also a flimsy piece of Junk, the story of which I will save for a later posting.

In conclusion, GE? Never again!!!!!, GE makes junk. I agree with others that posted here...GE brings aggravation to life.


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