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Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2006 at 11:18am CDT by 9c82b1a3

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We have been using BEHR Deck Stain fro 12 years. We started out with the Linseed Oil and were pleased with the results. They quit making it so in Novemebr 0f 02 went to a two year oil and acrylic combination. As usual we scrubbed the deck with soap and water, then applied the stain. The deck was gorgeous. Then last September of 05 we needed to stain it again. This time we bought the five year stain. As usual we scrubbed it with soap and water. (The boards were not repelling water which would indicate that the product was no longer on the boards.) We applied the stain. The deck was beautiful...for about three months. By January the deck looked awful. The color was mottled. The worst part is that that the stain has actually damaged the wood, dried it out to the point where it is flaking and splinters are coming up. I called Behrand ended up talking with a rather non-caring "customer service" person named Cullen. What a waste of time. I called Home Depot where we bought the product. Another waste of time. In short, BEHR told us that we had not prepared the deck properly, so its our fault. We needed to BUY three other products to prepare the deck, which we hadnt. Home Deport told us nothing about preparation. BEHR said it was our responsibility to know how to prepare the deck. I guess they are right but it doesnt help the fact that we now have to STRIP the deck to get the five year stain off where before we just needed to scub it with a brush and sudsy water. I told the guy at BEHR that I was going to replace the wood with the new PVC boards that dont need staining and his reply was, well we make paint for the inside of the house too. Like does he think I would EVER use a BEHR product again? Do you?

Kelly Hopkins


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8ca8a9c5, 2008-02-29, 07:53PM CST

We had a similar problem with behr water based deck stain. The stain was applied as per instructions on the label. Less than a year later it is coming off in large spots. The deck looked great until a few months had passed. The problem started with white hazy spots that seemed to absorb dirt. It wasn't long before the deck was a blochy hazy mess. Behr was no help and did not seem to care. I have switched to sikkens which is an excellent product.

0f0a4024, 2008-03-24, 10:14PM CDT

I used BEHR Premium Waterproofing on a NEW deck (previously uncoated, about 6 months old). When I applied it it was a hot, windy day and the coating soaked in completely and dried almost imediately after it was applied. The result was a "blotchy, un-even" appearance. So I do what I'm guessing most all of us seasoned consumers would do, apply a second coat the following week. According to BEHR that was a big no-no.........applying a second coat voids their warranty! I guess I didn't read enough into the last loine of their instructions which said "One coat recommended", that's all, just those three words. If the entire product warranty relied on the application of JUST ONE COAT then I think they could have stated this WAY more obviously and stated the outcome of the application of the second coat, which by the way caused the deck surface to become severely discolored. Their resolution was to pay me for the chemicals to completely strip then clean and re-apply the product. Nothing for my time or the damage to my landscaping by all these additional caustic chemicals. I will never use another BEHR product and will share my experience with ALL the new homeowners in my everexpanding development.

a37ea30c, 2008-12-19, 04:25PM CST

Okay, I am no Behr fan. I worked for a competitor for years. Here is the deal. Do not go to a home center and expect to get the help and advice from them that you would from a paint store. You see though it may be cheaper to buy from a home center what you are saving on is the service and knowledge. Home Centers employ people with little knowledge and give them generic classes that make the employees dangerous at best. Go to a paint store and expect to get proper instruction. Once you get it listen to the advice and take it to heart, don't go trying to cut corners or looking for someone who will tell you and easier, lest costly way to obtain perfection. Also keep in mind those people elected to public office have limited the types of products that can be used on your home. In most cases you are getting a "greener" yet less effective product.

Keep in mind that most paint stores will give you a break on your material if you ask for a discount. Painters will get a much better break, same with contractors so if you know one ask if you can use their account on a cash basis. That 23 dollar stain may end up costing you 13 dollars a gallon instead.

d736e98c, 2009-02-17, 01:39AM CST

Behr Deck Stains and Weatherproofers are the worst products to put on your decks. I have used them and several other brands over the last 15 years in the business and I will never use them again. I can't even see how they should still be allowed to be on the market. I would think the BBB would have looked into them by now but I all I find are mountains of internet complaints with a rare resolution. They are simply a disgrace among any legitimate contractor.

d736e98c, 2009-02-17, 02:45PM CST

Behr deck stain should never be used on a deck. I would avoid Behr completely. They are really a joke among anyone who knows better. The products have actually gotten worse in recent months as they try to change the formulas yet again. I have seen nothing but nightmares with Behr waterproofing and stains. Never a good result that lasts more than a couple of months.

Behr has the huge Home Depot PR machine but even that is beginning to fail, as they quietly ramp up Glidden. People say, "Then why is it ranked #1?" Well the issue is, that it ISN'T ranked #1 and it hasn't been. Behr was recently told to remove its claims as #1 as they had no basis in reality. It seems the company was picking when and how it liked to be ranked to meet its desired advertising slogan, whether or not it was factual didn't really matter. Other products outperformed on average but Behr picked the quarters it did the best in and in what categories. All just false marketing.... claims based on obsolete and misleading data.

Here is a link to an article regarding the NAD's ruling: Home Depot to pull #1 claims for Behr

Like every mega-company that answers to its stock holders before its costumers, there really just isn't much that anyone can do except avoid the product and advise against it.

2626a9f0, 2010-04-11, 10:11AM CDT

I totally agree with anyone who used Behr products and had a bad experience with them. I am one of those people. In the late summer of 2008 I hired a professional to apply Behr's best semi-trans. stain/waterproofing on my decks. I have 3 large decks. By the time early winter started to set in, I noticed that the stain was starting to peel off my wood a little bit. When spring of 2009 came it was terrible the way the stain had peeled. I went back to Home Depot and told them about it and they said, "yes, Behr was having this problem with other people using the product also and I would have to contact Behr." I did and they told me that they would reimburse me for the used product and the new prduct that I would purchase to redo the decks. Just send in the receipts. They did BUT, they said I would have to use their cleaner and prep products to redo the decks and it would come out good.( what about the money I spent on labor?---I was out of luck to get that back.)Like a fool I purchased thei cleaner and prep and redid the decks myself in the summer of 2009 when the weather was great for doing the decks and low and behold the decks looked great, UNTILL winter came. Then they started to do the same thing and I think they are worst then before. I took pix's this time and don't know what I'm gonna do. I will never buy BEHR products again and will discourage anyone to do the same. It is discusting the way they look. Behr products suck in my mind!!!! I'm gonna have to redo them again for a 3rd. year in a row!!

gus s., 2013-06-29, 11:43AM CDT

BehrDeck OVER IS BY FAR THE WORST PRODUCT i HAVE EVER USED .Behr and Home Depot should be sued for false advertisment.I will never buy another Behr product.It was a total waste of $158.00 plus tax and paint supplies

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