mini-max - 123DJ / mini-max. Chicago IL

Posted on Sunday, May 21st, 2006 at 11:13am CDT by f7e61233

Product: 123DJ

Company: mini-max

Category: Entertainment

I too had a bad experience with (Mini-Max). I had ordered a Pioneer Mixerfrom their website. When I received it and attempted to use it for an event, I learned that the Stereo/Mono knob did not work, and a couple other things. I send my mixer to Neil (the manager) who stated he had a new one on order, and that he would ship it back out as soon as it came in. I checked back approximately 2 weeks later and they still had

not shipped it out when I received what was suppose to be the new mixer, I quickly realized after testing it, then running the serial number against my log of equipment (for which I had already added the information) I found that the mixer I sent back to be replaced actually was the same mixer coming back to me – no repair, no replacement.

At that point, I cut my losses and decided to not send it back or go through the whole cat and mouse phone-tag game with this Neil guy.



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