HR Windows and doors are poorly engineered. Subsidiary of Atrium Companies, Inc.

Posted on Saturday, May 20th, 2006 at 1:05pm CDT by 4e22bc9d

Company: HR Windows and doors are poorly engineered. Subsidiary of Atrium Companies, Inc.

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My home was burglarized by a screwdriver being pushed under the plastic handle of an HR sliding door. Under the plastic handle is a hole that allows access to the latch. These doors are manufactured and installed that way. I have possession of the installation instructions that are sent to builders. If you own one of these doors you need to weld or rivet a plate over this hole in order to protect yourself. Do not use screws because the plastic handle can easily be jerked off. I contacted HR Windows about this, wanting a settlement. I just wanted the deductible paid on my home insurance claim. They claimed that the doors are not installed that way, but the install instructions show that they are installed that way. They claim they have customer satisfaction as a priority. lol If you are Atrium companies legal team and are reading this, I can remove this complaint from the internet for the sum of $2764. This is my insurance deductible plus $2000 pain and suffering. I have gone up in price. If anyone has questions or comments, my email address is COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_9378#


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0e675327, 2009-09-28, 01:54PM CDT

HR ain't what they used to be.

I had a 6 month-old window partially crack when latched shut. They said it was not a warranty repair, but they could fix it for a fee.

I asked what the fee was and they never responded.

So I went to the supply house and ordered a replacement sash using the EXACT catalog numbers. Two weeks later the sash came. It is 1" too wide and 1" too short.

They used to be a good company, but have gone to the dogs since Atrium took over.

4e22bc9d, 2009-11-04, 03:05PM CST

I wasnt able to easily get a lawyer to help me fight for a settlement. Most areas nowadays have crime. I just want to let you burglars know that if you see a plastic handle on an atrium HR sliding door, you can easily get into the house by sliding a screwdriver under the plastic handle of the door and then twist the screwdriver to unlock the door. I wish you burglars much luck.

f4392fba, 2011-02-02, 05:43PM CST

You got what you paid for. HR is a very cheap window. Maybe you should of bought a Milgard or PlyGem.

8733fb15, 2011-06-23, 11:52AM CDT

HR Windows is lousy operation in my opinion. HR Windows, which is a subsidiary of Atrium Windows in Dallas, screwed me by sending a window that was mis-marked as the correct dimensions per my order but when installing it turned out it was 1/4 inch taller. This required me to pay extra to the installer. I complained to Home Depot where I ordered the windows who passed the buck on to HR. An HR guy came out and inspected the installation and complimented it. Next thing I know they are notifying Home Depot that the claim is denied since the window was not installed correctly. All I can say is, LOUSY LOUSY LOUSY.

Go to and you'll read plenty of reviews about how bad this company is.

fee41058, 2013-07-22, 09:12PM CDT

H R Windows and Doors a subsidiary of Atrium is the window company from HELL. I ordered two windows from Home Depot in late June and I installed them in early August of 2012. The two window spring holders broke on one of the windows. Thank GOD, I only bought two. Went to HOME DEPOT (NO HELP) they told me they no longer carried the windows and could not or would not help. Kind enough to give me, H R's phone number 214 630 5757. Call on July 5, H R at 214 630 5757 and spoke to Rosemary, customer service, gave her invoice and window information, part would be sent and arrive in two about weeks. Call back on the 18 of July to check on order, no record of order and ROSEMARY needed Fax of Home Depot order invoice, I offer to pay for parts and ROSEMARY said, still need invoice. Sent Fax on the 18 and checked on the 19 and she could not find Fax. (I must have Faxed to Mars instead of Venus.) I am again sending Fax on the 22 of July and hope this will help. I am going to Home Depot and seeing store manager for assistance. If not help Home Depot will join H R as my other company from HELL!!!!

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