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The Mattress Firm El Paso Texas

When you go into a store to buy merchandise example a mattress you expect to get what you pay for. The sales people explain their return policies and often finagle with you about a price to make the sale. That's exactly what I did except no policies were explained to me just the sales person trying to make a sale. I got a 1400 $ bed for a little over 900$ at the Mattress Firm. After paying for my bed, it was delivered to my home that weekend; it wasn't what I had bought. It was completely different and so hard I couldn't lay on it. I slept on the couch. I called to confirm that it was the correct bed that Monday and I was told by the manager David it was the right product and I just had to give it about 2 months to get used to and let the bed adjust to my weight. I knew it wasn't the right one, the labels were even different and the design on the top as well, so I called again and read the labels to the manager David and he confirmed I received the wrong mattress. I received a cheaper harder one. He then said I could get the right one delivered that day, feeling a little swindled, I declined and said I wanted my money back since they had messed up and sleeping on a bed that hard was terrible so I'd rather not try it again with the another one. Plus what if I hadn't called I would have just believed the man about the bed adjusting and I would have paid 975 $ for a 600$ bed. That wasn't honest. He said that the store had a comfort policy, 90 days then you could get your money back. I was never told that? And I let him know but all he could say is that there are signs all over the store promoting their 90 policy. Then I told him I didn't sign that I was informed of that either, because on my receipt it had a space where you sign after you were informed of the policies. Which I never noticed in the first place, until after I paid and was calling about the bed being the wrong one. He claimed that it was irrelevant and that he could only exchange the bed for the right one and in 90 days he could give me my money back. He said that OSHA does not permit the resale of beds, and that it would be donated. I'm sure a 1400$ right off as well. I then contacted the BBB and sent them my complaint. The process takes a couple weeks and they give the complaint to the Company and give them a chance to respond. The owner of this store Bob Beltran lied to the BBB and claimed all was resolved and I was content with my new bed. I never once spoke to the owner or was contacted by him at all. The store manager David called me and said he would get a hold of his policy people and call me back that day, but never did, even after I called him and left messages. I then called the owner at 2 locations and left messages for him to call me. When he did I told him what had happened and I just wanted my money back and for his employees to practice their business ethics and be straight with customers. He was very rude and claimed he heard the entire conversation I had with the store manager; that I had claimed I was so happy about the bed and I was only mad that my boyfriend had to pick it up. I told him he was mistaken and must be thinking of another unhappy customer. He still insisted he heard me. I knew he wasn't talking about me, because both mattresses were delivered to my home and I signed for them, I even talk to the gentleman who brought the 2nd mattress and joked with them about being back in 90 days to pick it up. I told him I just wanted my full refund. He then yelled that I wasn't going to find another bed in this town with this quality for that price, I told him maybe I wouldn't but I didn't care about the price I cared about integrity and honesty and ethics that go into a business. He said that after he picks up the mattresses and they are inspected I'll get my money even though it's against policy. I said no, I'm sorry, but I want my cards refunded and then he can have his mattresses. I know I am not the only person in this town who cares about what kind of people they deal with, but I do know that everyone likes to do business with honest and respectable people who give you the satisfaction of knowing you got what you paid for. How many people are getting mistreated and swindled? Im sure the Mattress firm just writes those mattresses off at full price and pocket the extra, that what kind of people them appear to be. I will never buy from them again, they don't deserve the business.

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3ad550e3, 2007-11-17, 07:02PM CST

I know this was a while ago, but I would just like to say that you made a big mistake in your rant. You said at the top they offered to bring out the right one and you said NO! Then you said later on that you joked with the man who brought the second mattress out. Good job paying attention to what you write. Also companies have policies for a reason, I know you don't want to lose money and neither do they. When people feel that they are wronged in what ever way they tend to tell the story and lean it in a direction that favors them. You seemed to have done this. I know that when you talk about how the manager yelled at you, that is not true. I could be wrong but hey!

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