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Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 11:58am CDT by b929d828

Company: Floral delivery

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I placed an order from (on 5/5/06) for some flowers to be

delivered as a birthday gift on 5/6/06...

I was at the address that they were to be delivered to all day... no

delivery ever came and no one called...

On Monday 5/8/06 I contacted and was assured that someone

would get back to me in 24 hours.

After the 24 hours had passed I sent another email asking why no one

had responded... They sent me an email saying they would respond in 48


After that I got tired of waiting and called the 800 number... they

assured me that someone would get to the bottom of this and call me

back. No one has called me yet (5/18/06)

I do however keep getting email from them. The first one said that the

flowers were delivered on 5/6... the second one said that they were not

delivered and that they apologize, the third one said that they were

delivered on 5/13, the fourth one said that they have no recored of my

order. The fifth one said that these were delivered to someone I have

never heard of... and the sixth one says that they called the

"delivering florist" who assured them that these were delivered on


OK... so someone is lying here... I don't know if the "delivering

florist" is lying to Teleflora, or Teleflora is lying to me. But either

way... the flowers never came...

So either teleflora is to blame, or they should stop using the

"delivering florist"... but either way my entire experience has been

THE single worst dealing with customer service (sic) that I have ever




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