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Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 5:29pm CDT by 2e3ef314

Company: Standard Chartered Credit Card Philippines

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Caloocan, Philippines

I was a credit card holder of your bank since 2002. I have received my bill on time and have paid for them on or before the due date. sometime last September 2004, i did not receive my august billing statement. I cannot confirm why your courier failed to do so. but it is likely due to the road widening project of the local government in our area. When I used my card sometime during September 2004, it was declined. I then contacted your bank and inquired as to why it was deactivated and I was informed that it was because I did not remit my august amount due -for the bill i never received. it was disgusting because i was neither notified via a phone call or via letter that my card was deactivated nor was i reminded that my due date for my august bill has passed. i had two other credit cards and these banks were nice enough to remind me of such. i was even notified of a date whereby my card will be deactivated should i fail to pay my bill. for me, that is putting your clients' best interest in achieveing total customer satisfaction.

I then contested the late charges. I was informed that they will investigate the matter. But time has past, it seemed my complaint feel on deaf ears that the late charges was not even withheld until such time a result of an investigation was at hand. and so as months go by, late charges from later charges accumulated. i was then fed up with your bank's lousy service that I decided to pay the large amount of late charges so as to protect my name. I then notified you that I will never ever avail of your services again.

As far as I know i even overpaid by P 700 and therefore my balance last august 2005 was P 00.00 and to my relief that you have cancelled my account. I thought my nightmare with my banking relationship with your bank is finished. I have recently decided to acquire a car and therefore applied for a car loan. This was when I realized the nightmare was still haunting me. I was informed by my current bank that you have black listed my name despite the fact that i have settled my account from your bank last 2005. And so my auto loan was denied. I do not know where this complaint might lead to. You may or may not act on the above matter. But I do hope this complaint may serve as a warning to your current customers.


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f73d0303, 2010-04-26, 05:24AM CDT

Yes, I AGREE! Standard Chartered Credit Card really SUCKS. Very unprofessional and rude. They don't send billing statements for them to be able to charge late payments to clients. They also charged many hidden charges and the recent one they charged me is the CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE which I didn't avail at all. I want a refund! Masyadong mukang pera ang credit card na ito. So far I have 3 other Credit Cards and sila lang ang worse na service at pinaka rude kausap.

I have 3 friends who also hate their service, same with 2 of my relatives.

Really hate their rude callers from the head office. The most recent one who called me is VINCE - 09178616522, 09178638864. - SO RUDE! The call was drop and he called again tapos parang he said "DI PA KO TAPOS... ?!" WTF. Blame it to Globe not to me. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO RUDE. HOW CAN YOU EVEN SLEEP AT NIGHT WITH YOUR WORK?! So much for customer service.

To all Standard Chartered Credit Card users - please be warned. Settle your accounts asap and close it. I WILL NEVER AVAIL ANY OF YOUR SERVICE EVER AGAIN! I WILL ALSO WARN EVERYONE ABOUT YOUR SERVICE.

14263378, 2010-09-21, 03:41AM CDT


A certain MIKE SANTIAGO called in our company & He is looking for Mr. Fallar when I told him that He is not around because He is a liaison officer & most of the time he is in field. He told me "Tinatarantado mo ba ako gagu ka putang ina ka" how rude very very rude. He added "hindi mo ata kilala tong kausap mo e putan ina ka e baka pag nakilala mo ko umurong yang KIKI mo" how brutal. I work in a customer service field at Cebu Pacific Air but I never insulted like that. He continue to say damn words to me. Did you allowed that kind of employee in your company? I want a feedback regarding to this!!!!!!!

5b902449, 2011-07-11, 01:10AM CDT

How I wish I had read this before? I extremely agree and in my personal opinion, if you are thinking of a credit card, I suggest to take Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card (Philippines) out of your list. And even if you currently have one, I also suggest, that you should consider cutting the ties with them and switch with other Credit Card providers.

40f000ca, 2011-08-23, 07:43AM CDT

I was a credit holder of your bank since 2008 and my card had expired last April, 2011. I far as I know before the card expired you are sending a renewal credit card but to my dismay I have not received one. may I know if I still can received my renewal credit card?

Thank you so much for the immediate action on this matter

Mary Ann, 2012-11-14, 06:13AM CST


To: 'iask, SCB'

Cc: 'iask, SCB'

Subject: RE: Standard Chartered Bank Contact Centre

Importance: High

Your request is bullshit!!

Have you read my email thoroughly? Isn?t it obvious that Contact Centre 830111 is USELESS and you still requesting me to call again??

Why don?t you call me instead?! And please, once you call, please make sure that you have already resolved my concern.

Kind regards,

Mary Ann

From: iask, SCB [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 4:33 PM

To: Mary Ann

Subject: Standard Chartered Bank Contact Centre

Dear Ms.,

Thank you for using the e-mail channel of Standard Chartered Bank.

Please be advised that we would need to speak with you to complete your inquiry/request in detail. You may call our 24/7 Contact Centre at +63 2 830-1111 and choose option 1 for Credit Cards and option 2 for Personal Loan.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Standard Chartered Bank Contact Centre


From: Mary Ann

Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 8:35 PM

To: iask, SCB

Subject: Grave Complain about Undelivered Replacement Card

Importance: High

Dear Standard Chartered Bank,

This is to formally raised my serious complain about non-receipt of the replacement card for the above subject Credit Card (CC) number.

My worst nightmare with SCB has started on Sept 16, 2012. I used my CC to pay a purchase made at Vise Versa boutique in SM Fairview. The card was not given an approval and an ERROR message always appear on the machine. The cashier has tried to swipe so many times but unsuccessful. I felt so bad and ashamed that the cashier might already be thinking that I am using a fake card or what. Good thing, I have with me enough cash to pay for my purchase. Not thinking that there was a problem on my card, I let it be.

On Sept 18, I received a call from Standard Chartered informing me that they have cancelled my card and will be replaced. No reason given.

Almost two weeks after, wondering where was the replacement card been, I contacted the 24-hr Contact Centre 830-1111. As per the Customer Service (CS) representative, the card was already with the courier. Though I was wondering why the card is still not delivered for almost two weeks already, I still waited.

I have been a SCB card holder since 2004 and this is the first time that a card, renewal or supplemental, was not delivered in a span of 1 week.

Another week has passed, still no card. I contacted the Contact Centre once again. The CS told me that the card was still with the courier. I was already irritated that time as it was already almost a month and yet I got the same answer ?with the courier already?. Worse, as per the CS, there was no option to check or verify about the whereabouts of the card and they need wait until the courier return the card to SCB. WTF!

If I were the CS, I should have escalated the concern already so that it can be resolved immediately. Unfortunately, no action has been done. Worse, you cannot even feel a bit sense of concern when it was so alarming already.

On Oct 15, I called the Contact Centre again. This time I learnt that the card was already returned by the courier as my address cannot be located. WTF! I do not live in some mountains. Besides, if the courier company has been lost or whatever, they should have called me. All my contact numbers are with SCB. That same day, I have requested the CS to redeliver my CC to my alternate address which is in my office in Quezon City. I even requested the CS to facilitate delivery of the card as it was more than a month already. The CS said she will prepare a request.

On Oct 19, I called the Contact Centre again as after my last call, still no card. To my dismay, the CS that I have spoken to told me that the request for the redelivery is still awaiting for approval. WTF again!!

I was on paranoia every time I receive a notification sms from SCB re card usage made as I have not received the card yet. So every time I receive a notification sms, I need to call the Contact Centre to verify. Thank God the transactions was for the EZ Bills.

Again, for the nth time, I called the Contact Centre on Oct. 31. This time around I was very very upset and angry as the CS told me that the card was returned as my address was unlocated and asking me whether I want to redeliver etc etc etc?. Can you imagine that, I need to recite all my concerns once again!!! I asked the CS, ?aren?t those information in your system already???? This time around I have requested to speak to the Manager. I have patiently waited until I was transferred. When someone has spoken on the other line, I thought it was the Manager already. He introduced himself as the Supervisor named Rodney Mahinay. Mr. Mahinay has tried his level best to pacify me but I was fuming mad. I told him that the only thing that can pacify me is the card.

He said his sorry, blah blah, and even promised to personally handle my complain and will personally call and update me regarding my card but until TODAY, NOV. 9, or ALMOST 2 MONTHS SINCE THE CARD WAS MEANT TO BE REPLACED, NO call or whatever from this Mr. Mahinay and still NO card.


I demand immediate attention and action on this complain.

From you Dissapointed Cardholder,

Mary Ann

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