Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 4:46pm CDT by fb8fe507


Category: Online Shopping

I won two auctions from two different Sellers within one week of each other on website and immediately paid for them. They didn't deliver my winning auctions. They didn't issue the refund until after 4 weeks. They gave me the runaround as to the status of my shipment. They told me that the Sellers will be penalized and pay a cancellation fee, to them of course. I won't see a single penny for the default. They messed up my business plan as I have set up a place and purchased all the required fixtures to receive the merchandise, which was about 500 pieces of clothing.

They have a one sided policy that only benefits them. I have file a complaint with the BBB in Washington DC, I encourage those of you who have had bad experience with this company to do the same as there is not a place to leave feedback and comment on website for others to view. They are doing that on purpose. I'm sure there's alot of people complaining, but no one knows of it.


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