Cox Communications: phone, internet and TV

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 9:25am CDT by 14f47f53

Company: Cox Communications: phone, internet and TV

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Cox Communications, Edmond, OK.

I have been a customer of Cox Comm. For over 10 years. I have added services over time; digital phone, DSL, extended cable, etc… Most recently, we have added a digital cable box $10 more per month (monthly payments to Cox now ~$140.00).

All of the TV’s on the 1st floor my home went out last Friday, 5/12/2006 get just the blue screen with the msg. that advanced services are temp. Unavailable. The up stairs TV works fine. When we contacted COX, their customer service rep indicated that it would be 1 week, this Friday, before they could come out for repair. We have talked to 8 people at COX with no luck. When we have attempted to escalate this issue within COX, I get the feeling they are just passing us off to another Customer Service Rep in the cube next to them and not to Supervisors. COX doesn’t care that I spend over $1600. per year with them. They are going to loose a customer that they WILL NEVER get back.

I plan to drop all my services and go to ATT/SBC for internet and SAT for TV.

I have worked in the Customer Service industry for over 25 years and find this level of service and cavalier attitude by COX Customer Service folks unbelievable. COX will wake up one day and wonder where the customers went while the employees of COX will be pissed off that they are being laid off by the customers lost.


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